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noroclear logoI have recently been trying out a range of products from Noroclear. These are disinfectant products for at home or out and about, which protect against a massive range of ‘Superbugs’ – Norovirus, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Human Flu, E-Coli and Salmonella to name just a few.noroclear

With 3 small children, we do seem to get quite a few bugs – especially since they started school and nursery as there is always something going around for them to pick up! Anything that reduces the likelihood of having illnesses in the house, or helps to stop it spreading from family member to family member, sounds very good to me! Like all mums, I hate seeing the kids ill.

The surface wipes have come in really handy for wiping down the highchair, or wiping the changing mat after changing nappies – which is good as I have two in nappies so its even more important to keep the changing area thoroughly disinfected as they share it!

The surface disinfecting spray can be used in any room. I have found i’m mainly using it in the kitchen to disinfect all the work surfaces after cleaning. It is a really generously sized bottle, at 750ml so I can see it lasting quite a while. The smell of the spray is quite clinical. I wouldn’t say it is unpleasant but it is quite strong at the time of spraying. However it doesn’t linger too long after use.

The travel pack comes in a handy zip up pack, and has a small hand foam as well as a smaller version of the surface wipes, and a small pack of skin wipes. It is all quite compact so easy to take out and about, it will fit easily into your changing bag, handbag or in the basket of a buggy. We have quite a few hospital appointments because of my 3 year old’s additional needs, and also use public transport a lot because I can’t drive – so this small pack is quite handy, as these are places where perhaps we could have been picking up bugs but by using these I can help to cut down the chances.

The skin products (skin wipes and the foaming hand rub) contain aloe vera and glycerin for skin softening benefits so they are not too harsh on your hands and you don’t have to worry about using them regularly. I found that both the foam and wipes do dry quickly so you are not left with moist or sticky hands at all after using. You do have to be careful about using them if you have broken skin, and I would not want to use them on the children but I am very happy to use them myself.

All of the wipes, the spray and the hand foam kill the super bugs within one minute, so it is really quick. The products are all alcohol and bleach free too which is good to know as this is better for you skin and better for the environment. I am not totally comfortable with using alcohol based hand disinfectants (as a Muslim) so I am much happier with this!

You can look on Noroclear’s website for more info about the whole range and the science and testing behind it.

noroclear disinfecting products noroclear products

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You can win both the hygiene pack and the home pack!

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74 thoughts on “Noroclear – Review and Giveaway”

  1. I would use the products at home as I rarely go out anywhere, though the travel pack would be useful for car journeys and hospital visits etc. I’ve carried a hand gel in my bag for a while now but can see wipes being useful and easier to use. Fingers crossed.

  2. At work, that’s where I last caught the winter vomiting bug and it was some of the worst days of my life!

  3. would use them at home!. and most definately on keyboard / mouse etc!. – where-ever hands have been lurking really!

  4. Probably at home – I’m constantly moving between changing nappies, dishing out cat food & preparing meals so is always handy!

  5. Both – at home but definitely when out and about, I’m always disinfecting the high chair when we go for meals out!

  6. Mainly out and about, i’m not overly concerned about the home as i know who’s coming in and out and what they are doing.


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