Dinosaur Train: Paint and Match App Review

Dinosaur Train: Paint and Match is a fun new app for kids aged 5 and under, from Kuato. Fans of the Jim Henson TV series will enjoy colouring 24 Dinosaur Train pictures, or playing a card matching memory game.

I downloaded the app to try out with R, who is 5 years old. He loves colouring and drawing so he wanted to colour the dinosaur pictures first

With 24 to choose from, there’s plenty of variety and enough to keep him busy! The pictures are easy to scroll through and select which one you want to use. The whole app is very user friendly and easy for young children to manage.

Within the paint section, the kids can choose from different brush sizes, and pick either paint brushes or pencils to colour with, to give more control over what the finished result looks like. You can print the pictures out once you’re done, or save to camera roll on your tablet.

Moving on to the matching game, you can select 4 different levels of difficulty by having a smaller or larger amount of cards in play.

R mainly chose the bigger amounts of cards, but starter smaller would be good for younger players to get them used to the game.

It’s a classic memory match game, which helps kids develop their memory skills and hand eye coordination of course features the fun Dinosaur Train characters!

Any young fans of Dinosaur Train, or even dinosaurs in general, would enjoy this app. It’s very well made and child friendly, with no adverts or in app purchases.

The Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App is available to download for 99p from itunes or the google play store.

It is just one of the many games by Kuato Studios, all of which can be found on the APP Store and Play Store, so do check out what else they have available!

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