Decorate the Gingerbread Man Free Printable Activity for Kids

Christmas time is upon us! These super cute gingerbread men are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. There are over 40 different decorations that can be used to personalise these free printable gingerbread men.

This free printable activity is so easy to set up and lots of fun for children to unleash their creativity and practice cutting and sticking skills.

You can also use these gingerbread man templates for all kinds of fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids of all ages.

During the holiday season, it’s the little things that count. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday season with a family or entertaining your friends and colleagues, there’s always something to make everyone smile.

One of the best parts about being a parent is creating a home filled with memories that you’ll share with your kids for years to come.

Simple Christmas themed activities like these printable decorate your own Gingerbread man pages are an easy and fun way to spend time together with the kids and relax, enjoying some quiet and creative time.

Kids will love decorating their own Gingerbread man pictures.

This project can easily be done by your child as an individual activity, but if you want to make it more fun for your children, then you will want to have them work together to create these little gingerbread men.

The children can use their creativity to choose how they decorate their little friends. This is a fun activity that is perfect for the holidays and the children will be very excited when they have completed this project.

Once they’re done, you can even laminate the gingerbread men and punch a hole to add some ribbon and turn them into a Christmas tree ornament.

These free printable activities are an adorable way to teach kids about the holiday season.

You can download the full pack as a free instant digital download at the end of the post.

Free Printable Gingerbread Man Templates

Here’s a preview of the Gingerbread Man templates that are included. You get four on the page, and this can be used as your base to decorate.

These templates will be useful for all kinds of Gingerbread man themed crafts and activities.

Free Printable Decorations for your Gingerbread Men

This page has over 40 separate decorations to glue on to your Gingerbread man shape. Choose from spirals, wiggles, dots, sprinkles and more. These come in reds, greens, golds and silvers.

Supplies You Will Need

This is a super easy and quick to put together activity. You only need the following (Amazon affiliate links included)

  • A printer
  • The free PDF files downloaded from us here at In The Playroom
  • Scissors – choose good quality child friendly scissors that are the right size for little hands
  • Glue – a glue stick like pritt-stick makes this activity super easy and mess free.
Westcott E-2069 Set 5-Inch Set Kids Scissor with cm-Scale/Blunt/Pointed Tip (Pack of 2)
Pritt Glue Stick, Safe & Child-Friendly Craft Glue for Arts & Crafts Activities, Strong-Hold adhesive for School & Office Supplies, 3x22g Pritt Stick

When taking part in cutting and sticking activities like this Gingerbread Man Printable activity page, children are working on their fine motor skills and building hand eye co-ordination.

Learning to use scissors appropriately, how to hold the scissors, and becoming confident with cutting are key skills for little ones around the 3-5 years old age group.

It is not always easy and some kids need a lot of practice to get it down, my daughter included, so being able to provide fun opportunities to work on scissor skills is so useful!

Tip: If your child is not super confident with cutting, print two copies of the decoration page. One for them to try cutting out and one for you to cut out. I do this with my daughter N, and it usually helps the activity run smoother.

That way, you can model how to cut and hold the scissors, and they will have plenty of extra decorations to use even if it takes them a while to cut out their own sheet slowly.


Click the download button beneath the file preview below.

This free PDF activity pack is available to download for personal use, or classroom use.

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We hope you enjoyed this free printable Gingerbread man decorating activity.

Please share with friends and family so that more kids can take part!

Have fun, Happy Crafting and Happy Christmas!

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