A Dad Joke A Day

Dads are known for their cringeworthy jokes, and in our house it is no different. DaddiLife, have put together a book with over 365 of their best dad jokes, to help keep Dads stocked up with ‘hilarious’ new material to torment their families with their Dad humour, and keep the eye rolls coming all year round.

This book is clearly set out so that Dads can pick out a joke every single day, even on leap years, and some of them are tailored to the season so whether it is New Years Day or Star Wars Day, the jokes will be not only funny and cringeworthy but also relevant to the day.

The Dad Joke A Day book also has some interesting background on the science of Dad jokes and how to work on your joke delivery, which sets it apart from just a normal joke book.

Dad jokes are known for being cringe, but at the same time, it brings a lot of fun and laughter to the family even if the kids are laughing at how bad their dad’s jokes are – it brings everyone together and helps build some wholesome family memories that stay with the whole family even as the kids grow up.

B had a lot of fun trying out some of these jokes on our boys age 9 and 11. As you can see, they can’t help but laugh but at the same time they love to roast him for his Dad joke humour.

The book A Dad Joke A Day by DaddiLife is available to buy now on Amazon, as a paperback or in kindle format.

With Father’s Day coming up, this would make a great gift idea for that Dad in your life who loves to make everyone laugh and is known for his typical Dad jokes, whatever his age whether it is the kids Dad, or your own Dad and the kids grandads, as telling Dad Jokes is a skill that many dads never grow out of! It is a gift that can spread lots of laughter and smiles around the whole family – all year long!

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