Cupcake Liner Fish in a Watercolour Sea

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It’s time for another of our monthly Kids Craft Stars challenges, and this time we’re all making crafts with an under the sea theme. Sea and ocean themed crafts is one of our favourite topics, especially since the boys school names all of their classes after sea creatures, and I just love all the pretty blues and greens in an ocean theme!

For our ocean craft this time, we decided to make some simple cupcake liner fish, and paint a watercolour sea or ocean for them to swim in. This craft is super simple, so works well for toddlers and upwards, but it gives a pretty effective result.

cupcake liner fish ocean craft for kids

To make this craft, you will need:

  • Cupcake liners (we used gold and silver, but any colour or pattern is fine)
  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googley eyes

First, get the kids to paint their ocean background. Using watercolours gives a lovely effect. If you want it to be a bright ocean blue, I would suggest offering them only the blue tones paints (I say this as one of mine has a tendency to add black paint to every picture otherwise!) Offer various shades of blue and green so that you can talk about the different colours of the ocean.

We use these tube watercolour paints which give a nice bright colour. Liquid watercolours also work really well.

With the tube paints, you need to squeeze bits of paint over the paper, and then use a wet brush to spread it all around and cover the page.


From this.. into…


And while you’re waiting for the ocean backgrounds to dry, you can make the cupcake liner fish.

We kept it really simple, so you will just need 1 cupcake liner per fish.

Take the cupcake liner and cut out a triangle like this


Glue the triangle onto the back of the fish to be the tail, leaving the triangle shape for the open mouth, and then just glue on a googley eye.

Once the ocean background is dry, stick on your fish and you are done.

cupcake liner fish craft

Depending on the size of your cupcake liner fish, add just one as a feature or as many as you like!

cupcake liner fish craft with watercolour ocean background

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