Creative ways to transform your children’s bedroom with custom stickers and decals

Are you looking for quick and effective ways to decorate your children’s bedroom or playrooms? Do you want to find an interactive option that will grow and change with your kids? And wouldn’t it be ideal if your little ones could help you set it up?

Then we have exactly what you are looking for: custom stickers and decals. The beauty of going custom is that you will not be stuck with generic designs. Instead, you can create exactly what your children want. Many sticker printing UK-based makers offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from. 

Custom stickers are incredibly versatile and can easily be replaced if need be. All of the stickers we suggest are designed to be removed without leaving any adhesive residue, which makes them the perfect solution for rented spaces as well. 

In this article, we will break down the options for you, so you will know exactly what you need to create the most beautiful room for your kids. 

Stickers vs decals 

But before we jump in, let us have a quick look at the difference between stickers and decals. The sticker universe can be a little confusing as there are so many terms flying around. So let us get these straight to make sure we order the right thing. 

Both terms refer to a similar thing: a printed piece of paper or plastic with a sticky back. Stickers are usually smaller than decals, which is why larger designs are often referred to as decals. 

However, there is no need to worry. By ordering custom stickers, you are in full control over the size you want, making sure that you will receive your perfect stickers.

1. Add a personal touch with wall stickers 

Wall stickers are among the most popular sticker decor options. For good reason. They can help you elevate the look of a room without having to paint the walls or using wallpaper. Instead, you can simply get sticking. 

There are no limits to your creativity: whether it is a big name sticker, an interior design pattern of fluffy bunnies, anything is possible.

What we love most about wall stickers is that they can grow with your child. You can constantly add new elements to your existing stickers and even let your children help you choose and apply them. 

On top of that, these stickers are made to be lived with. The materials can easily be wiped should the stickers get a little dirty, and they are waterproof, which means they will last!

2. Static clings for window fun 

Window decals are the perfect option if you really want to get your kids involved. Create seasonal designs like snowflakes or pumpkins, or use numbers and letters for a playful learning opportunity. 

If you are looking for stickers that can easily be moved around, static clings are ideal for you. These are thin vinyl-based materials that do not use glue. Instead, they stick to flat surfaces using static cling only. 

This makes them great window stickers your children can play with at their leisure. You can just as easily use them on other surfaces, as long as they are flat. 

3. Create a world with floor stickers

We have all become very familiar with floor stickers reminding us to keep 6 feet apart in shops, offices, or other public places. But let’s not forget that floor stickers can be a lot of fun. 

Use them to create an entire world for your kids: a racing track, a forest path, or the setting of their favourite bedtime stories. The great thing about floor stickers is that they do not add unnecessary clutter to the bedrooms. Instead, they fit right in without creating a mess. 

Floor stickers are made for just that, so they come with an anti-slip finish that ensures safe play and all times. Just like wall stickers, you can easily clean these with water and soap should any dirt end up on them. 

Do you already have some ideas you cannot wait to try? We hope so and are excited to see how you will be using custom stickers and decals to create beautiful spaces for your kids. If you have any questions or even more tips and tricks you would like to share, please leave them in the comment section below.

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