Creating Unique Toy Storage On A Budget

Over time, toys can start to collect and take up massive amounts of space. Parents and kids alike start to forget what’s stored at the back of cupboards and old toys get replaced with newer models. The cost of these toys alone can start to mount up and even if it’s not you buying the toys, paying for the storage in which to keep them can also start to rack up a cost.

Buying endless amounts of cupboards, drawers, and shelving can start to add up, but it can also take up valuable space in the home. Getting creative with your toy storage can help to save money and customise your storage specifically for your home. No more trying to fit in a cupboard in a tiny corner of your living room or trying to shove giant cuddly toys under the single bed.

Self-storage experts, Storebox, talks through some of the ways you could create your own budget storage, which works perfectly for you and your family.

Getting creative with household items

You don’t have to stick to the traditional forms of storage when it comes to packing away your toys. With cupboards, shelving, and drawers being the normal ‘go-to’ when it comes to storage solutions, there are other, more unique forms of storage.

Anything that has room to fit a cuddly toy can be transformed into something more practical. For example, wall baskets usually used for outside shrubs, make the perfect toy baskets for inside the home. Simply fasten 2-3 wall flower baskets to your playroom wall and store larger items like cuddly toys.

Discover new uses for other forms of storage

You can even take regular storage solutions and give them an unusual twist to make them more efficient for you. Popular cube storage can be turned on its side in order to create horizontal storage for toys. These can then be modified even more by adding cushions and padding to the top, in order to create a bench for your room.

DIY your way to effective storage

By having a browse around on sites like Pinterest, you are sure to find amazing and affordable storage ideas. Most of these ideas will focus on taking small DIY items, like bungee cords or coat hooks, to create storage solutions.

You can use this DIY technique to take a storage unit that already exists in your home, and modifying it so that better serves its purpose. For example, take cube storage or bookshelf and attach some bungee cables to the front to create your very own ‘stuffed animal zoo’.

By getting creative with your toy storage and thinking about reusing or recycling old furniture, you’ll be able to easily create budget storage solutions. Creating unique storage can also help get your kids excited about their toy storage and could encourage them to pack away their things at the end of the day.

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