Affordable Summer Accessory Ideas for 2017

We all like to look our best, which is why most of us take the time to accessorise properly. Without a doubt, the accessories you wear has a big impact on how good you look.

Using the right shoes, jewellery and bag you can lift any outfit to a new level. Learning how to accessorise properly is essential if you want to get the most out of your clothes and keep your wardrobe budget under control. To help you with this I have put together this summer accessories post. The ideas below are designed to work particularly well with the fashion trends that are appearing in the shops at the moment.

The right footwear

I am going to start with the most important accessory, your shoes. Most of us love shoes and own far more pairs than we actually need. This is certainly true for women, and is increasingly becoming the case for men too. As a result, what others are wearing on their feet is practically the first thing we notice about someone’s outfit. That means you absolutely have to wear the right footwear.

This year, most of the outfits you are going to buy will look best with flat or low-heeled shoes. A lot of the clothes you are going to see in the shops are inspired by the fashions of the 90s.

Think casual skirts, mid calf trousers and jumpsuits and you get the idea of the type of clothes you are going to be wearing most this summer. If you were around in the 1990s, you will no doubt remember that most people were wearing pumps, sling backs and loafer style shoes. Therefore, you can expect them to be widely available this summer.


Just like last year, statement necklaces are going to be in vogue. These will be joined by bold bracelets and arm cuffs. Given their size, this type of heavy jewellery can be expensive, but provided you stick to costume pieces you can get the look without the high price tag.

Handbags and purses

This year handbags are getting smaller, much smaller. Gone are the shopping size bags we have all been toting around for the past year. These are being replaced by mini bags, which are not much bigger than a purse. Goodness knows where we are all going to be putting our makeup and mobiles. Most of the bags I have seen, on the catwalks, feature bright and bold designs. It also appears that the chain handle trend, that started last summer, has really caught on, this year.

Naturally because our handbags are going to be smaller in 2017, so will our purses be. Coin purses with room for one or two credit cards are set to become widely available.

Hats and belts

The few belts I have seen have been wide and bold. This style of belt is ideal for nipping in the waist of a jumpsuit.

The trick when buying accessories is to buy good quality, versatile items. If possible wait until you have put together the majority of your summer wardrobe, then go out and buy the shoes, bags and other items you need.

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