Cornish Daisy Review

Cornish Daisy

We were recently sent some lovely bibs and a blanket from Cornish Daisy to review. Although I had seen Cornish Daisy around on Facebook and liked the look of them (note: It’s very worth liking their page, a lot of giveaways and offers come up!) I had not yet had the chance to try any of their things.

Cornish Daisy is a Small business run by Mum of 4, Kate from Cornwall. Kate told me about how she started the business almost by accident, when she used to make clothes for her daughter. A local shop were so impressed with the outfits and persuaded her to make some bibs for them to sell. Those sold out quickly and the business grew from there! I find that so impressive, and it’s great to know this is a small family run British business, which is also really ethical and green. You can see on their website about the companies sustainable living and working.

Cornish Daisy sell dribble bibs, feeding bibs and blankets (both fleece and cotton)

The first item we tried out was one of the dribble bibs in “coastal stripes”

dribble bib cornish daisy

I love the colours of this! There are loads and loads of designs on the website, you can have a look here, there will be something to go with every outfit. I am a big fan of stripes and these are two of my favourite colours, so I knew I had to choose this one.

The quality is lovely; it is very very soft with a fleece backing and the front is soft cotton. It has two snaps at the back so you can adjust the size depending on whether its for a smaller baby or a slightly older one. The age range is from 0-2, so I wasn’t sure whether it would be a bit small for my little one as he is now 22 months but it was actually a very good fit for him on the looser setting. It was not too tight around his neck at all, and he was very comfy. It kept him nice and dry while drinking from his cup, and he also looked very cute.

cornish daisy Cornish Daisy

As you can see, he looks quite pleased with himself in his new bib, and the size of it looks fine on him. The dribble bibs all have the Cornish Daisy label sewn into the side too as you can see.

I have since washed and tumble dried this and it has washed well, which is always good to know!

The next item we tried was one of the feeding bibs, in Marine Stripe.

feeding bib cornish daisy stripe

This is very cleverly designed, with a “pop up pocket.” You can tell this was designed by a mum, because it is so practical and gets rid of the common problem of food inside the corners of the pocket being difficult to clean out. I do use quite a few different pocket feeding bibs, and I tend to find that after a while they don’t stay too nice because you can’t always get right into the corners to clean it as thoroughly as you would like. With these bibs you just unsnap the pocket, it folds back down flat, and then it can easily be throughly cleaned and wiped. So simple! But this is the first bib I have come across with this idea. For that reason, it’s definitely the best feeding bib I have come across.

The material is also really good, very wipeable and doesn’t absorb food into it. It is made of Oil cloth which I do always find is pretty good for feeding bibs. These bibs have 3 snap settings to adjust the size. It is a pretty generous size, it was fine for my youngest but I could see this easily fitting onto my 3 year old too if I had needed him to wear it.

These come in a variety of designs too. Not as many as the dribble bibs, but plenty of colours to choose from, with stripes, spots, or floral designs.

Cornish Daisy feeding bib cornish daisy feeding bib

Here is my little one eating his snacks and his dinner, wearing the bib. You can see here how generous the size is and that it fully covers the whole front of him, and is quite wide over the shoulders too to protect the clothes fully.

The last item we were sent is a gift set, including a matching blanket and bib

cornish daisy rockets gift set

I love this, the blanket is very very soft and really snuggly. It is not too thick, it’s more light weight than other fleece blankets I have seen, but is still nice and warm. Again this is a pretty generous size, and perfect for a toddler snuggling up on the sofa, or in the car or buggy on cold days. This is the toddler sized blanket, and some of the other gift sets are available with baby blankets, so I would imagine those will be a little smaller.

This would be a lovely gift, the blanket comes tied up with ribbon and it all comes in a net gift bag, very nicely presented. The rocket design of this is pretty funky, and my little boy has plenty of clothes in red and navy so this is a safe choice to match with plenty of outfits.

The prices are all reasonable too, so I would definitely recommend them!

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