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I would really love a new bathroom. Ours is a looking a little dated and in need of an upgrade and updating. We can’t afford to do it straight away, but it is definitely near the top of my house “to-do” list for the next couple of years.

To help with planning and designing, Utopia Bathrooms has just launched a great new bathroom design tool called Visualise. Utopia’s Visualise is an online interior design tool, available on the company’s website, which helps bring to life thousands of bathroom furniture and colour combinations available to choose from Utopia’s luxurious range. With an extensive variety of furniture, worktops, tiles, door styles and accessories, all available in a range of colour ways, the tool makes it easier than ever before to visualise exactly what your new bathroom, en suite or cloakroom will look like, before making that financial investment.

This sounded really handy to me. I was not sure exactly what design we would go for when we do get our new bathroom, so by playing around with the new design tool it helped me to get more of an idea about what we could go for. That way when we have the money to get our bathroom redone, I will be ready with a plan!

When you first go onto the Visualise design tool, you get 3 options to start with – depending on whether you want to design a fitted bathroom, a cloakroom, or an en-suite.

visualise uptopia bathroom interior design tool
Click if you want to see the screen shots a bit bigger 🙂

I decided to design a fitted bathroom first, although an en-suite is on my to-do list too because I really want to have our loft converted and put a new master bedroom up there with an extra bathroom.

It starts you off with a basic modern white bathroom, with options to customise each aspect of it, along the top

basic white utopia bathroom fitted clean bathroom
Click to enlarge and see all the different options along the top

These options are for the following:

  • Door Style
  • Door Colours
  • Carcass Colours
  • Laminate Worktop
  • Deluxe Worktop
  • Wall Tiles
  • Floor Tiles

When you click each option, a drop down menu comes up showing you the different options which you could choose from. Like this:

bathroom door options

When you click each one, you will immediately see the change reflected in the bathroom image below. I tried out all of them and settled on the “Sophia” style.

The next option is to change the colour of the doors, and there are loads of options, from gloss to wooden. I decided to try a white gloss.

applying a white gloss texture to bathroom in interior design tool

Next is carcass colours. I wasn’t totally sure what that would refer to, but clicking the options applies the different colours to the picture below and immediately clears up any confusion. I experimented with a few choices and quite liked the Midnight Grey Gloss on the carcass, which is not something I would have thought to choose if I had not been using this tool.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 19.47.04

The contrast makes it look a bit more interesting than just keeping everything in plain white.

Next come the worktop options, with a choice between luxury or laminate. There are a variety of gloss, wooden-look or granite choices. I opted to put a deluxe worktop in star galaxy granite.

I moved onto the wall tiles section, and decided to go for linear white for a very clean look. It was really useful to see what a massive impact a change of the wall tiles can make. It changed the feel totally, and would be really useful to check if you were going to go for something bolder, to make sure that it feels right when you can visualise it fully in the room.

The last option is the floor tiles, and this is where I wish I had a tool like this earlier – because we did replace the floor tiles in our bathroom when we moved in (previous owner had left carpet – no thanks! not too hygenic with kids splashing water everywhere in bathtime!) and I didn’t find it easy at all to choose the tiles. It is quite hard to visualise how it will be in the room when you are just on a flooring website having a look at the options out of context. We just ended up going for very plain white tiles as the safest bet.

But back on the Visualise design tool where I was able to click and see all the different options, I decided to go for a black slate floor as another bit of contrastScreen Shot 2013-06-04 at 19.56.41

Ta-da! My finished bathroom! I would much prefer this in our house than the one we have now. It was really easy and quick to make with the Visualise tool. I remember using some online design tools when I was much younger, just to play about and see what designs I could make (yes I know – sad child!) but I remember them being quite a bit more complicated than this. This really couldn’t be any easier, it is totally intuitive and self explanatory.

As it is so quick and easy, I couldn’t help myself having a quick look to see what options I could come up with for a new en-suite or for a revamp of our downstairs cloakroom.

Here’s my en-suite design, which took me just a couple of minutes. I went for a more cream and stone kind of feel with this one which I think also looks really nice!

cream and stone bathroom design

And finally, for the downstairs cloakroom

downstairs cloakroom bathroom

There are slightly less options available for customising this room, as its for a smaller room so you just get the unit finish, wall tiles, floor tiles and wall colour.

Its quite fun playing with the Visualise and thinking about how much nicer our bathrooms could look!

My only improvement would be if there was even more options available to allow you to customise it with even more variety. For example it doesn’t let you change the design of the toilet or shower into different models, but there is a fair variety of colour and unit options, and all those featured are stylish and modern options that you could easily go for, and would look great.

What do you think of the bathrooms I designed? Which one do you prefer? If you feel tempted to give it a go yourself, let me know how you get on!

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