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Coloured salt is not something you would typically think of to use when decorating a Christmas Tree. However, this is no ordinary Christmas Tree. It is one that your little one can decorate time and time again. In a few easy steps your little one can decorate their own Coloured Salt Christmas Tree.

Coloured salt Christmas trees activity. Fun and creative sensory play

Creating our own coloured salt was surprisingly simple. I poured salt into a bowl, added paint and mixed the two ingredients until the salt was completely covered. I emptied the coloured salt onto a baking tray lined with baking paper, spread the salt out evenly and left to dry overnight. It is important to ensure your coloured salt has dried completely before playing with it. It helps to move the salt around the baking tray during intervals whilst it is drying.

How to make coloured salt

I used 2 containers of 750g of table salt to make blue, yellow, purple, pink, red and orange coloured salt. I poured the salt into small containers and added small formula scoops. As we would be using a lot of green salt I coloured an entire 750g container of table salt. Once it had dried I placed the green salt back into its original container. This would make it easier to pour the salt into the Christmas Tree.

Coloured salt play with a Christmas theme

For our Christmas Tree base I used two halves of a Christmas Tree shaped box. I placed these inside a wooden tray to minimise any mess. The boxes used here are from Tiger Stores, but if you’re looking for a similar item online you could try these from Amazon

Coloured salt Christmas tree

First we needed to add a green base to our Christmas Tree. My son used the salt container to pour in the green coloured salt. Make sure you don’t completely fill the Christmas Tree box as you want to leave space to decorate your tree.

Coloured salt tinsel

Next my son set about using the coloured salt to decorate his Christmas tree. The formula scoops came in handy to pour small amounts of coloured salt onto the tree. Even smaller scoops would have been even easier. He used orange salt to make tinsel lines and yellow salt to create a star on top of the tree. He used a tooth pick to move the salt around the tree. Finally he added small circles of coloured salt to represent the baubles.

Toddler made coloured salt Christmas tree

For his second tree he created a repeating pattern of diagonal stripes with the coloured salt. By this point he was frustrated with using the scoops. Instead he took pinches of yellow salt and sprinkled it on the Christmas Tree.

Toddler decorated Christmas Tree_

The coloured salt Christmas Trees would make a wonderful Christmas dinner table decoration. However, we decided to continue the Christmas decoration fun. We used a funnel to pour the salt from our Christmas Tree back into the salt container and shook the container several times. He could then re-use the coloured salt to decorate another Christmas Tree. An easy activity to set up and cost effective too!

Coloured Salt Christmas Trees

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Coloured salt Christmas tree activity
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