How to Choose between Renting a Car and Taking the Train on Holiday

Most people work the entire year saving every penny just to have a nice holiday when their turn to break from work rolls around. The usual concerns are whether or not there will be enough money to see all the things they would like to see or to stay in hotels that are safe and comfortable. One thing you might want to think about when planning your next holiday is whether you want to travel by car or train. One mode of travel may be less expensive than the other and one may also be safer, depending on where you are going. Here are a few pointers to consider if you are trying to determine whether you will travel by car or by train.

Safety Is a Key Concern

Above all when choosing between train (or another mode of public transport) and car, safety should be a key concern. If you feel you can’t navigate the roads safely, then perhaps the train would be your best choice. Remember, when you studied for the driving theory portion of your test, you learned safety rules and regulations which may not be the same in many areas of the world. For example, in Bali they drive on the same side of the street as in the UK so you should have no problems there, but what about travelling the streets in Los Angeles during rush hour in the United States? That could cause the best of drivers to panic! So make your choices wisely based on safety before even considering cost!

How Far Will You Be Travelling?

If you’ve an extended holiday, then distance may not be an issue. However, if you only have a couple weeks to enjoy your holiday and a very long distance to cover between destinations, train would probably be your wisest choice. Then again, would a train allow you the luxury to stop at all those little ‘by the way’ places you’d like to visit? Probably not! So distance and stops are also a chief concern.

Sharing the Cost with Fellow Travellers

When there are more in your travelling party than just yourself and cost is an issue, travelling by car would almost always be cheapest. When dividing the cost of a rental car and fuel, it would work out to far less than if each person bought a rail ticket. Typically renting a car is the cheapest way for families to travel as well so if the entire clan is going along, book a car early on to ensure you have the vehicle of your choice in a size that would accommodate everyone and also safety seats for infants and toddlers.

As you can see, the two main concerns when choosing between travelling by car or train are cost and safety – not necessarily in that order! If you are fairly comfortable with the side of the road you will be driving on where you will be travelling and there are enough people to warrant the cost of renting a car, then by all means that should be your first choice when money is an issue. However, if you are going into ‘uncharted territories’ when it comes to safety rules and regulations, everyone just might be safer on a train. Only you know the state of your finances and the itinerary you wish to travel, so it is up to you to make the right choice. Always opt for safety above convenience and you’ll be making the right decision each and every time.

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