Megableu Name That Game Review

Name That is a fun new card game from Megableu. My boys have enjoyed playing this over the holidays, and since it’s quite compact it’s a handy game for travelling too.

Name That involves quick thinking as you have to be the first to come up with an answer starting with the right letter, for all kinds of interesting categories.


Game play is simple: players pick up a card, read the category and then quickly think of a word that begins with the letter shown on the next card – the first player to call out a correct answer wins the card. The aim of the game is quite simple – to to try and be the player who wins the most cards.

Since you get the letter and the category from two different cards, this keeps it varied and gives thousands of combinations. It’s a game of speed and wisdom with endless and hilarious possibilities!


You can see some examples of the categories above, some of them are quite easy but some are harder than you would think – especially when racing to be the fastest! So it does really get the kids thinking, as well as having fun.


NAME THAT! is suitable for two or more players aged 6+. We enjoyed playing it one to one, and also in a bigger group of four of us. My boys are 5, 6 and 8 and we found that all of them could manage the game although it can be a little tricky for the younger ones to think up appropriate answers (some of their attempts can result in lots of laughs though!).


The game comes complete with one metal tin (handy to store everything inside), 50 cards and rules on how to play the game.

Name That is available for around RSP £12.99 and is a great game, especially for travelling, or for rainy days at home.

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We were sent the game in order to review

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