Chinese New Year Greetings (with Free Printables for Crafts)

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Chinese New Year will be here in February. We created these craft templates and colouring pages with Chinese New Year greetings so that you can print out a whole bunch and use them to make cards, decorations or just learn about this festival.

A lot of people ask how to say Happy New Year in Chinese, or how to wish someone a Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese so with this blog post we are here to help – and of course as always to provide you guys with a few more free printables!

Free Printable Chinese New Year Greeting Coloring Pages

For our printable Chinese New Year Greeting Colouring Pages, and the greetings to print and cut out for your Chinese New Year Crafts, we have focused on just two of the most popular Chinese New Year greetings in Mandarin.

These two phrases are commonly seen and heard at this time of year.


xīn nián kuài lè (pronounced shin neean kw-eye le) (audio for pronounciation)

This literally means “Happy New Year” in Chinese (Mandarin)


xīn nián kuài lè Happy New Year in Chinese


gōng xǐ fā cái (pronounced like gong shi fa tsai) (audio for pronouncation)

This one is wishing someone prosperity and wealth for the New Year.

gōng xǐ fā cái wishing prosperity for Chinese New Year

The links to the audio came from this site which has some more greetings for you to explore and some more interesting information, if you would like to read.

What Are Some Other Chinese New Year Wishes and Phrases

Chinese New Year Greetings In English

  • Happy Lunar New Year
  • Wishing you luck and happiness in the year ahead
  • May this New Year bring good health and good fortune
  • May you smile often
  • Wishing you a Happy Year of the Tiger (2022)
Chinese New Year greetings

Chinese New Year Greetings In Mandarin

新年好 – Xīnnián hǎo

This is a very popular and easy way to say Happy New Year, in a less formal way. This literally means “good new year”. If you have learned how to say Hello in Chinese as 你好 Nǐ hǎo then you will recognise that the word hǎo is the same.

Here are a few more…

心想事成 (xīn xiǎng shì chéng) “May all your wishes come true.”

年年有餘 (nián nián yǒu yú) “May you have abundance every year.”

万事如意 (wàn shì rú yì) “May everything go well with you.”

四季平安過旺年 (sì jì píng ān guò wàng nián) “Wish you four seasons of peace and a flourishing year.”

Check this list for ever more beautiful and heartwarming greetings for the Chinese New Year this February (aka Spring Festival)

Chinese New Year Greetings in Cantonese

One of the most popular Chinese New Year greetings which you hear around the UK is Gong Hey Fat Choy, this is the Cantonese equivalent of gōng xǐ fā cái

Chinese New Year Greetings Coloring Pages

These coloring pages can be used to create your own Chinese New Year poster, or as a fun way to introduce and familiarise children to the Chinese writing system and Chinese characters.

Both of these greeting phrases are made up of four characters each. The printed pages should be coloured in a landscape orientation, and the greetings are read from left to right.

Color the words Happy New Year in Chinese

chinese new year greeting colouring page

Color this Chinese New Year Greeting

Chinese New Year colouring page with chinese characters

Download Chinese New Year Greetings to Color in

Download Chinese New Year Greetings to Print for Crafts

We hope you find these. Chinese New Year greetings useful for kids of all ages, at home or in the classroom.

Chinese New Year Crafts and Activities

Looking for more Chinese New Year activities to try with kids? We have plenty of ideas!

Make lucky red envelopes (Hong Bao) for Chinese New Year

Colour these Chinese New Year Color by Number Pages

Or these free printable activities for Chinese New Year

Make a Paper Plate Chinese Lantern Craft

Or try making lanterns with cardboard tubes.

Make a Chinese New Year Shaker

Or try a Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

You could try some delicious recipes for Chinese New Year


We hope you found this useful to learn how to say Happy New Year in Chinese and get familiar with a few different greetings.

Please feel free to share this resource with friends and family, so other parents and educators can benefit for their children.

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Free Printable Chinese New Year Greetings for Crafts
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