Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt Activity for Kids

If you’re looking for indoor treasure hunts to keep the kids busy, take a look at ActivityTreasureHunt on Etsy. This Etsy store has a great variety of all kinds of themed treasure hunts for kids, that you can buy as a digital download and then print at home to keep children busy, entertained and active.

There are treasure hunts for dinosaur themes, under water themes, pirates, fairies, camping themed treasure hunts and so much more.

We decided to go for the Chinese New Year treasure hunt, as it is perfect for this time of year and a fun way to get kids involved with this cultural celebration.

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt printable pack with clues and activity pages to make an indoor treasure hunt for kids, with a Chinese new year theme

Activity Treasure Hunts is a small family business based in the UK.

You can buy the Activity Treasure Hunt Chinese New Year treasure hunt printable pack directly from Etsy. This comes as an instant digital download, so no need to wait around for something to arrive in the post. You can download, print, and get playing straight away.

Printable activities like these can be a lifesaver when you need something last minute, and is great value for an afternoon of fun. These printable treasure hunts would also work really well for parties, especially if you choose one that ties into your party theme.

How does a Print at Home Treasure Hunt Work?

The treasure hunts from Activity Treasure Hunts are very interactive with each clue page having activities for the kids to complete before working out where to look for the next clue.

These include a mixture of secret codes, puzzles to cut out and complete, visual illusions, crosswords and more.

Chinese New Year treasure hunt clue pages

When you’re setting up this treasure hunt with multiple kids, they can each take turns working out the clues or work together as a team.

chinese new year treasure hunt puzzle pages

Clear Instructions

If you haven’t done a print-at-home treasure hunt activity before, you will find that the files included with the products from ActivityTreasureHunt walk you through the process really clearly.

There are three PDF files included with the download, one with step by step instructions and two with all of the clues and activities.

The instructions included give you an easy and a hard version for all of the clues, so that you can adapt the activity to best suit the age group that you are working with.

The clue below was mirror. An easy version is to tape the next clue directly on the front of the mirror but of course we went for the harder version and hid it behind.

hiding clues indoor treasure hunt

Bonus Activities

The treasure hunt comes with two extra bonus activities. You can use these for your treasure at the end of the hunt or just as a fun extra.

bonus what chinese zodiac are you page printable and chinese lantern printable

These activities tie in perfectly with the Chinese New Year theme. There is a Zodiac sign wheel for kids to find out which Chinese Zodiac animal they are assigned to, and also a fun Chinese New Year paper lantern making craft.

What zodiac animal are you printable page for chinese zodiac

These activities are a fun and hands on way to extend the treasure hunt and get kids further involved with the theme. With the PDF file included you could print out multiple copies of the lantern page if you need to make this with a few children.

making chinese lanterns

This Chinese New Year treasure hunt was a great way to keep the kids busy and entertained at home, and downloading and using these resources from the Etsy Shop could not be easier! Why not give it a try?

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Which indoor treasure hunt will you choose?

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