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Ramadan has nearly left us, just as quickly as it came upon us. During this special month, and the Eid that follows, there’s a great opportunity to get our kids excited about Islam.

We can tap into that excitement by helping them learn more in a fun way, by decorating the house for eid with eid bunting decorations, and preparing gifts

We were sent an Eid Gift Box from Hidden Pearls, which is a lovely surprise for any child, during Ramadan or at Eid. The girls box contains several books, along with a beautiful little hijab and some yummy Halal sweets. There are also boys gift boxes on the site, and a variety of different options so it is worth having a proper browse.

Along with Eid gift boxes for children, and Islamic gifts for all the family, Hidden Pearls mainly specialises in hijabs and hijab accessories, so it was fitting for the box to include a little hijab for a young girl. This is al al-amira style hijab which is one piece and slips over the head easily without any pins or extra under scarves needed. The scarf is stretchy so it should fit most young girls.

This is N’s first hijab and she looks so cute!! It is important to note that little girls of this age are not required to wear hijab in Islam, and personally as parents we will leave this decision up to her as she grows up. I don’t want to force my children into anything – but at the same time, it’s lovely for little ones to have these things available for them to put on for special times like joining in with the prayers, or wanting to dress up like mum (I do wear hijab myself)

The books included in the gift box are a variety of Ramadan and Eid themed songs and stories, focusing on positive messages like the character in Eid Kareem Ameer Saab, who learned to be less miserly and to give to others, come out and enjoy celebrating Eid together with all of his community – or the story of the Grandmother Ama Fatima and all of the fun ideas she made to celebrate Eid with the children.

The books are paper backs and quite detailed, not just very short stories. It’s recommended for age 5+ but I feel they can suit a wide variety of ages. My older boys also got interested and read these books themselves, while N could sit and listen to some of the stories although she is younger.

They are a lovely selection of books which can be brought out again each Ramadan and Eid throughout the years.

It used to be so hard to find books like this, especially when we were growing up, so it’s really nice to see such a variety available nowadays and even better when they come in a themed gift box like this.

These children’s Eid gift boxes are available for 14.99 which is a really fair price. Check the website www.hidden-pearls.co.uk to see everything available

We were sent the box in order to review

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