Organising a Getaway with the Kids

When we think of travelling the world, we tend to think of school leavers and uni students making the most of their relative freedom and heading off to places far and wide. We see their pictures plastered across our social media feeds and see them having a great time. When you have kids, travel can seem like a far off plan that doesn’t fit into the grand scheme of school runs, after school clubs, hobbies, and more.

Family life is great and you are going to have a lot more responsibilities. But it doesn’t mean you can’t travel too! There are plenty of different ways to incorporate holidays into your family life without things being a big deal and a lot of trouble and hassle. Travelling and hiking with kids are totally do-able if you just plan it right, and adjust your expectations. Here are just a few different steps you can take to simplify the process and land yourself a family holiday that you’ll all look on fondly for a lifetime!

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6 Things You Must Definitely Do To Make Your Vietnam Trip Truly Memorable

If you are planning a vacation abroad then choose Vietnam this time. Vietnam has a lot to offer if you check out, but you just can’t afford to miss these 6 things to make it a cherishable trip in your lifetime.

  1. Hoi An

You just can’t miss a trip to Hoi An while in Vietnam. Hoi An is a sought after tourist place. This ancient tourist spot is full of amazing restaurants which will serve you the authentic and the best Vietnamese cuisine you can ever think of. Clicking a lot of lovely pictures is a must while in this bright city full of mirth and gaiety. Visit the lovely beaches at Hoi An, Try the Egg Coffee which is quite a famous delicacy here, don’t miss out the beautiful lantern market, nightlife of Hoi An is so much happening that once you experience it you’ll crave for more, there’s a lot more to do in Hoi An such as you can take cooking classes, get a relaxing massage here and explore the corners of this beautiful city steeped in rich culture and tradition. 

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Top tips when visiting London Zoo with the kids

Top tips when visiting London Zoo with the kids

A trip to the capital as a family is almost a must-do while the kids are still young. So much to see and do – and plenty for the kids to learn about, too. Along with the usual suspects like Big Ben and the Tower of London, London Zoo sits as one of the most popular attractions the city has to offer.

Of course, a trip to the zoo is bound to provide a day of fun and memories no matter how you do it, but there are a few ways to make the most of your big day out. Here are some top tips for getting the best from your animal adventure.

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Family travel packing hacks

Packing for a family holiday might be a task that you dread every year, but with a few simple tips and tricks in your arsenal, you’ll find that it becomes infinitely simpler, and even enjoyable.

The main things to remember are that packing smarter and lighter will yield the best results, but if you’re not sure how to translate this into practical terms, read on and see which of these recommended hacks could solve an existing issue for you and your family.

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Everything You Need to Know About Travel Visas

British travellers are lucky in the fact that they don’t require a visa to travel to the majority of countries. However, there are some destinations you’ll need a travel visa. Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about travel visas and the countries you’ll need one for. 

Which countries require a visa?

Although Brits can travel to most destinations without a visa, there are some exceptions. They include:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Ivory Coast
  • Sri Lanka

Both Australia and Sri Lanka offer e-visas which can be applied for prior to visiting. These are basically easier types of visas to apply for as you typically don’t need to travel to the London Embassy to get them. These are just a small number of countries which require a visa for travel. It’s important to look up the country you’re thinking of travelling to in order to see what its visa requirements are.

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Holidays around Lake Garda with Kids

Over the summer holidays, we took the kids for a week in Italy staying in the Lake Garda region. It was the first time in Italy for me and the kids although their dad has been a few times before. We had a brilliant time and would definitely recommend this region for travel with kids of all ages, as there is so much to do. You can have a really busy holiday taking in lots of activities and days out with the kids, or equally you could have a very relaxing week just enjoying the sun, the beautiful scenery, Italian food, and lots of swimming.


The average weather in Lake Garda over the summer months is up to around 29 or 30 degrees, with a low of 18 or 19. We were really lucky with the weather when we went and it was nice and hot without being excessive. The temperature is great for kids, as it’s hot but not too extreme.

I would recommend packing clothes like shorts and t-shirts or light summer dresses. La Coqueta Kids sent us one of their Girls dresses which was perfect for the summer weather and lovely for a holiday like this.

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Visit to SEA LIFE London

Over the Summer holidays we spent a great day at SEA LIFE in London, on the South Bank. SEA LIFE is a lovely day out for all the family and was enjoyed by all ages from our toddler, to our older kids and us parents too. Visiting SEA LIFE allows you to explore and meet the amazing creatures from across the globe, like Boris the Sea Turtle, Belle the Shark, Juno the Penguin and Archie the Dwarf Croc, so as well as being fun it’s a really nice way for kids to learn and expand their knowledge of animals too.

The collection of sea creatures at SEA LIFE London is really wide, much more so than smaller aquariums we have visited. There are huge tanks of sharks and rays…

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20 Tips For The Best Family Holiday

Some of the best memories of childhood are from family holidays. Taking a trip together is a great bonding experience and creates memories for the whole family. If you’re planning a holiday for you and your children, it can be tricky to choose the best places to go and what to do, especially if your have children over a range of ages. With some clever planning and simple tips, you can make sure you have a holiday that the whole family will enjoy and remember forever. 

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4 Key Tips for Planning a Family Road Trip

Almost 40% of vacations in America are road trips.

The main reason for this? Flights are expensive, and once you add a few children into the mix, they can make vacation unaffordable. To still enjoy your vacation time away from home, pack the minivan or choose one of the spectacular cars available at Sandown Mercedes and embark on an old-fashioned road trip.

There’s more to a family road trip than just playing car games. Keep reading to discover key tips for planning a family road trip.

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