Restaurant Recommendations in Ireland

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When travelling, food is always something that makes the trip even more special and memorable, so today we are going to share some restaurant recommendations for beautiful places to eat all around Ireland.

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The Temple Bar Dublin

Dublin Bar and Restaurant recommendations

When thinking of visiting Ireland, the first place everyone thinks about is of course the capital city of Dublin.

Dublin has a thriving scene of pubs and bars, one of the most famous is The Temple Bar, which has Ireland’s largest collection of whiskies and a distinctive Irish look with its red brick building.

As famous as The Temple Bar is, it is not the one bar worth visiting in Dublin. There is a wide choice, and some solid recommendations can be found via the Visit Dublin official tourist website.

This will help you not only with finding pubs and bars to visit, but also things to do during the day, and trails to visit around Dublin.

You can also find some amazing gastropubs in Dublin such as Bruxelles, near Grafton Street. This is a sports and music bar with a great atmosphere.

ireland Dublin pub scene

For traditional Irish food, try Flanagan’s restaurant or Madigan’s Pub, both on O’Connell Street.

Dublin also offers a wide range of international cuisines, just like any cosmopolitan capital city. You could try Kitchen 85, which is known for it’s Cantonese food and hotpot.

If you have time on your trip to Ireland, I would definitely recommend exploring beyond Dublin too.

My family all originate from Ireland, so due to childhood memories when I think of Ireland, my heart is in the country side. Ireland is such a beautiful green land, filled with history and Celtic symbols. There are so many views to see, and history to explore.

irish coast line

While you are out exploring all of the corners of this beautiful country, naturally you will get hungry too so we will share some of our recommendations from further afield, all around Ireland.

Especially with today’s climate, and a few restrictions that are still in place. It is absolutely worth planning ahead and booking, using a service like Squaremeal to avoid disappointment and make sure you get the most out of your trip, eating in the places that you have chosen.

West Coast of Ireland Restaurant Recommendations

One of the most beautiful places we stayed in Ireland is the Dromoland Castle. This is located in County Clare, close to two UNESCO World Heritage Cliffs – Moher and The Burren.

This is such an amazing historic building, and visiting around Christmas time was absolutely magical so we would definitely recommend this. It is an ideal base to stay and explore from, but you can also visit just to eat.

dromoland castle Ireland

There are multiple eateries within the Dromoland Castle grounds:

  • The Earl of Thomod
  • The Gallery
  • The Fig Tree Restaurant
  • The Country Club

Dromoland Castle is not far from Galway, so it’s definitely worth visiting and eating out in the streets of Galway too – one of the most famous cities in the West coast of Ireland.

Southern Ireland and Cork Restaurant Recommendations

cobh county cork Ireland

Cork is Ireland’s second city, and home to my 11 year old son’s favourite Irish football team, Cork City. While visiting this beautiful area, we would recommend checking out some of these delicious restaurants

Bastion restaurant in Kinsale, Cork is a Michelin star restaurant run by a talented local couple, using good quality local ingredients including local seafood.

As well as Irish heritage, our family also has Sri Lankan heritage on the other side so we knew we had to try Nala’s Sri Lankan Curry Pot in Cork. This has great tasting traditional and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, with lots of our favourite dishes and Sri Lankan street food as well as sea food cooked in a traditional Sri Lankan way.

If you’re exploring further in the southern part of Ireland, and find yourself in County Kerry we would recommend Out of the Blue in Dingle, County Kerry. Out of the Blue is located right on the harbour in Dingle and serves local seafood, with and outdoor terrace as well as indoor dining option.

I hope you found some inspiration on where to go and eat during your next trip to Ireland. If you’re considering backpacking around Ireland, then check out this guide to help with your planning and itineraries.


While you’re getting in the mood to explore Ireland, why not check out our list of the best Irish names with meanings?

irish restaurant

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