How to Make a No Carve Pikachu Pumpkin

Choosing a favourite character is a fun way to personalise your own pumpkins for Halloween. No carve pumpkin decorating ideas like this are more kid friendly too, with no sharp blades around, and no pumpkin guts to deal with. You can even make them with craft pumpkins too.

We made this mini Pikachu pumpkin using a small craft pumpkin, because I haven’t seen real pumpkins in the shops here yet but I didn’t want to wait to get going on our Halloween crafts – I do like to think ahead!

How to make an easy no carve pumpkin Pikachu. Cute idea for kids who love Pokemon! This could not have been simpler

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25 Perfectly Pumpkin Crafts for Kids this Fall

Pumpkins are the best. There are so many ways to use them during Autumn, from yummy recipes to fun decorating ideas. Let your kids get in on the pumpkin fun with all of these simple pumpkin themed craft ideas that you can make together.

Some of these use real pumpkins, others just use pumpkin colours and shapes to create your own cute pumpkin out of other materials. From sun catchers to painting projects or crafts to practice cutting skills, there’s something here to keep your little one busy and excited for the Autumn season!

25 perfectly pumpkin crafts for kids this fall. These ideas are so cute for Autumn and Halloween

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13 Fun Pirate Crafts for Kids (and 10 Pirate Printables too!)

Pirates are always a popular theme with kids, and for good reason. They get to be the daring hero in a quest for treasure and adventure. They can also dress up as their favorite character, fly the Jolly Roger, and even speak in pirate talk. Who wouldn’t want that?

I remember going to some great pirate themed parties as a child, and they have stood the test of time since my boys love pirates just as much. Young people have been fascinated by them for centuries! These days, people are more into pirates than ever before. That’s because of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Stranger Things, as well as TV shows like Once Upon A Time and Black Sails. 

With Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th September, we’ve got you covered with these easy crafts. With a bit of creativity and some glue, you can create these fun little pirate crafts that are just perfect for your young buccaneers!

I’ve gathered together a selection of swashbuckling pirate crafts, from hats to telescopes to parrots and eye patches – there’s a craft or pirate activity for every little pirate to enjoy making. 13 fun pirate crafts for kids for talk like a pirate day. Great ideas for treasure chests, telescopes, pirate hand prints and loads more. Pirate printables too!

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Eid Al Adha and Hajj Crafts for Kids

The month of Dhul Hijja is here, with those fortunate ones heading off for Hajj and those of us at home looking forward to Eid al Adha which is soon approaching. I’ve put together a collection of simple Eid al Adha and Hajj ideas to do with the kids, to help learn about the significance of Hajj and this special month.

Kaba Crafts

Click the links below the collage to get the full details for each project

kaba crafts for kids to learn about hajj and celebrate eid al adha

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Bubble Wrap Monsters

It’s time for another of our Kids Craft Stars challenges, and this month we are sharing monster crafts for kids. Monsters are fun all year round, but with Halloween around the corner it’s the perfect time to get busy making some monsters.

We decided to make some easy and cute bubble wrap monsters for our craft.


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Personalised Rugby Coaster Craft for Kids

If your kids are big fans of a certain sport, then using that can be a great way to get them interested in craft activities or educational activities. For little ones who are keen on rugby, get them making these simple foam coasters as a gift for their loved ones. The coasters can be personalised and are so easy to make.

Personalised rugby coaster craft for kids, to make as a gift. Could be good for Fathers day. Also good for Rugby world cup time!

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Cardboard Tube and Yarn Autumn Trees

Cardboard tubes are such a versatile craft material. You can use them to make almost anything! We put them together with some yarn and pom poms to make these cute Autumn trees. Why not make a few, getting all the children to make some each and stand them up to make a whole fall themed forest!

Cardboard tube Autumn trees. Fun fall craft to make with kids, good for fine motor skills

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