Is it too early to plan for February?

We love taking the kids away but it normally tends to be for a couple of nights here and there, it’s not often we have been for a proper week’s holiday so I would really like to get some good breaks planned this year. I have been really thinking about taking them to Butlins as they have so much available for children, and it is so convenient being in the UK with no need to sort out passports or travel by plane. I used to stay in Butlins in Skegness quite often as a child!

I have been looking at their February Half Term breaks with the family, and I’m thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to get organised and book early as half term is actually not too far away! I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds that their time just flies by!!

I’m sure the boys’ would love a break at Butlins. I’m particularly drawn to it seeing that they have live shows featuring some of their favourites like Thomas and Friends or Mister Maker – that sounds fab and would be so exciting for them!

The boys’ dad works quite long hours, so as they unfortunately don’t get the chance to see that much of him on weekdays we love to make the most of our weekends and holiday time. Getting away for days out or short breaks seems to really help us to get the family time that we need as we are all away from the daily distractions of chores and work at home and can just concentrate on enjoying ourselves and getting the best quality time all together as a family. Now that they are all getting a little bit older, I love seeing how excited they get when we say we will be going for a trip or holiday. Even Mr T, last time we told him we were going away he ran and filled up his favourite Thomas backpack with some toys ready for his holiday!

It’s really important to me to make good memories for the children, knowing that they grow up so quickly! I’m always reminded of this seeing their birthdays come and go and how quickly they outgrow their clothes – So I just want to fill their years with loads of fun! Me and my sister do have some great memories of our childhood holidays, sometimes I still remind her of some of the hilarious moments that happened over the years (many of them in Butlins Skegness!)

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