Our Festive Fort

Making a fort or den out of blankets is such simple classic fun that has been enjoyed by little ones all through the generations. The Furniture Market have a creative competition running at the moment to find the best blanket forts in Britain, so of course we had to have a go.

Mr T has already finished nursery for the Christmas holidays so both he and Mr R have been at home today and they were very keen on the idea when I said let’s build a fort. The beauty of these kind of forts or dens is that they can be so simple and easy, but the fun is fuelled by your child’s imagination. All we used is a blanket. After picking the perfect spot down the side of the sofa, this was all we needed, as that little section is a bit like a cave anyway! We made our roof with the blanket and then I added some twinkling lights and tinsel for them to make the fort like festive and sparkly! It has been Mr T’s birthday this weekend so we had just decorated the place with all of this on Saturday night and they love it!


Their fort den is just the perfect size for the two of them to fit in together and hide. The lights gave it quite a cool effect as it is dark under the blanket, so they sparkle brightly and it’s like a little sensory cave hide out for them in there! Of course I do have to supervise them closely when they have the lights at the entrance of their fort, I wouldn’t want to let them just play with the lights – for safety reasons, as you never know!


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