Build-a-Bear for Valentines Day

build-a-bear valentines day

Today the boys and I celebrated Valentines Day in a really fun way, by making Valentines Bears at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. It’s the first time we had been to Build-a-Bear so we were all very excited. It was a lovely outing and the perfect start to the boys half term holidays too! There is a limited edition Valentines range currently in stores, and Mr Z and Mr R each chose a teddy from this range. Mr T decided to get something slightly different and went for a blue My Little Pony. The Valentines furry friends are all shown in the top picture and there are lots of suitable Valentines clothes and accessories available, so there is plenty of choice!

build-a-bear workshop

We were given plenty of assistance in making our selection and guided through the process of making our bears. The boys were given stickers with their names on and were kept engaged and involved by the Build-a-Bear staff who were really nice and friendly.

After the boys helped with stuffing their bears, there was the important matter of placing a heart inside the bear. This is done in a fun way with a special heart ceremony which is really sweet and adds to the fun for the children. Then there was the exciting task of choosing the outfits!

Mr Z chose a biker jacket for his bear, along with some shorts and silver shoes (not all shown in the picture)


Mr R did not hesitate in his choice and definitely wanted the fireman’s costume for his bear! (This also comes with a hat which the bear is not modelling in the picture) All of the boys decided to add roller skates to their bears too, which is a really fun idea!


Mr T’s My Little Pony is not part of the Valentines range, but he chose a rainbow cape for his pony.  The boys will be able to mix and match the clothing and accessories between the bears as they play to make different combinations. I’m sure we may end up buying some more accessories in the future too!

After this, the boys made their new furry friends birth certificates on the computers, and we were ready to go! For three children to have enough time to choose, stuff and dress their bears and make the certificates I allowed one hour and that was about right.

This Valentines season, Build-a-Bear Workshop are working with the Starlight Children’s Foundation for the “Million Hearts, Million Wishes, Million Ways to Help” initiative. Until the end of March 2014, for every picture of your new build-a-bear shared on social media with the hashtag #shareukbabwwishes, £1 will be donated to help seriously ill children. You can also buy a limited edition purple satin heart, which £1 will also be donated.

Find out more about the Starlight Million Hearts, Million Wishes, Million Ways to Help” initiative here.

We loved the Build-a-Bear experience. It’s lots of fun and the bears are great quality and extremely cute! The boys are all really happy with their new bears!

buildabearallbuildabear1Have your children been to the Build-a-Bear Workshop before? Share your experiences with me in the comments 🙂

Disclaimer: We were invited to review Build-a-Bear Workshop’s Valentines range and were provided with the 2 Valentines Bears and their outfits. I purchased the pony and additional accessories.

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