Your Valentines Day Questions Answered!

Those of you who are on the In The Playroom Facebook page might remember I was asking for all your Valentines Day questions that you really wanted to have answered…

Well the results are now in! Thanks to Survey Bods

The most popular valentines day questions answered : Valentines day gift ideas, the history of Valentines day, the most popular traditions and more

Is Valentine’s Day an important celebration for you?

To 45% of the UK population, Valentines remains an important day for them.

Did you know the story of St. Valentine and how the day came?

Only a quarter of the UK knows the full story behind Valentine’s Day, while a further 1/5 of the population has some idea of how Valentine’s Day came about.

How much money do you typically spend on your other half on Valentine’s Day?

Nearly a quarter (23%) of the UK population spend nothing on their love ones, while the majority of the population spends between £1 and £30. Some lucky people (4%) get over £100 spent on them.

What can you buy a male on Valentine’s Day other than flowers?

Nearly everyone suggested aftershave, chocolates (especially ‘manly’ ones with chilli and unusual flavours), game console games, DVD’s or clothes. One person suggested buying them a scratch card as something a little different.

Do you celebrate with any other members of your family? For example, parents or kids

Some parent’s spoil their children on Valentine’s Day, with over 15% celebrating the day with their family. 8% of the UK population also celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends.

If you are in a relationship, how many years do you continue to celebrate the day for? (You might still celebrate it into yours 90’s!)

Some romantics (29%) out there would celebrate for however long they remained with their partners, even if that meant celebrating Valentine’s Day well into their 100’s! However, the majority of people would only celebrate it for the first 10 years or so (36%).

How do you feel about the answers? Are you with the majority here? Let me know in the comments!

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