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Having some knowledge of first aid is really important to me as a Mum, for my peace of mind. I hope that I never really have to use it but as time is of the essence in an emergency situation, being able to quickly recall what to do could make a difference.

I was lucky to get the chance to do a first aid course a couple of years ago at my local children’s centre, which covered all the important topics like choking, falls and burns. As time goes by though, knowledge can get rusty and sometimes recommendations can change. There has recently been an update to the procedure on coping with a choking infant, which is covered in the new 10th edition First Aid Manual published by DK. An infant should now be treated on a first aider’s leg instead of along an arm.

The book is written and authorised by St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and The British Red Cross, and is the only first aid guide to be endorsed by all three of the UK’s leading first aid providers.

The contents is clearly laid out and grouped into coloured coded categories grouped by body part, or cause of injury. Some of the chapters included are wounds and bleeding, the effects of heat and cold, medical conditions, and emergency first aid. This format makes it easy to find the information you are looking for, and dip in and out of the book as and when needed. I would rather read a bit here and there, just to refresh my knowledge in case of an emergency but if you did need to find the information quickly it is quite easy to flick through the book and quickly find out what you need as all the titles are in bold at the top of each page.


I found the amount of information in the book to be about right. It gives enough detail, but is not too overwhelming. Everything is written in an accessible and easy to understand tone with photos and diagrams to make things clear. There are also bullet points with the main points on each page which are handy for a very quick recap.

This is a really useful book for families. It’s reassuring to have a copy in the home, especially as it is up to date so I can be sure that all the advice contained in the book is correct. Despite containing all the necessary first aid information, the book is not overly large. It is an A5 size paperback book and does not take up a lot of space on our living room shelf. It would even fit in a handbag too if you did want to take it out with you.

I would recommend the book to other parents. It’s not nice to think about injuries that could happen to your family but it’s best to be prepared!

The 10th Edition First Aid Manual can be purchased from Amazon

For further details about the work of the three First Aid Societies, please visit the relevant organisation’s website:

● St John Ambulance –
● St Andrew’s First Aid –
● British Red Cross –

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  1. I was only saying to my husband yesterday that I’ve not been on a first aid course in YEARS. I really should do something about that.
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