Budgeting Made Simple: The Envelope System [with Free Printables]

Finding the time and energy to budget can be hard sometimes, but budgeting doesn’t have to be stressful if you have the right system in place. One way to easily budget and save money at the end of the month is to use the envelope budgeting system

What is the Envelope Budgeting System?

The envelope budgeting money management technique uses envelopes to keep track of how much money you can spend for different categories each month.

This is a traditional method used by the previous generations, and it can be extremely effective especially if you are a person who works better with something tangible in front of you. 

The envelope budgeting system is a cash based system, that doesn’t require cards or using bank accounts. 

Here is how to use the Envelope Budgeting System: 

  1. Create categories and come up with a budget

For expenses you have, group them into categories and label the envelopes accordingly. Examples of categories are bills, rent, groceries and other. Then allocate a reasonable monthly budget for each category so you have a limit of what you can spend every month. 

   2. Add Cash to Envelopes

Once your budget is set for each category, cash out the necessary amount and place them inside each envelope accordingly. 

   3. Spend Wisely

When paying for your groceries, or bills, take the cash out of the respective envelope and use it to pay, and save the receipt inside for better tracking. 

Any money left you can add it to the next month’s envelope or put it in your savings account, or a savings envelope.

Are you ready to start budgeting? With these free printables from Mint below, all you have to do is cut, fold and glue according to the instructions and start budgeting! 

Envelope budget system printables

To save and print this envelope budgeting printable set use this download link

The set includes envelopes for fun money, gas & travel, groceries, rent & utilities, and a customisable envelope budgeting template. 

Family Savings Challenge Printable 

While you’re focusing on budgeting and saving money, it doesn’t mean that life has to be miserable. On the contrary, there are many ways to have so much fun without spending anything at all, or spending very little. 

This family savings challenge printable has a grid of 12 simple suggestions that will keep your kids busy and entertained on a very tight budget, allowing you to save the pennies. 

family savings challenge printable with ideas of fun free things to do

The beautiful thing about these ideas is that the children will not even realise that you are budgeting, they simply enjoy the quality time together. 

Once you have completed and ticked off everything on the list, you can always expand and create a second family challenge for yourselves with your own unique ideas for activities and family fun to continue the budget lifestyle. 

family savings challenge budget friendly ways to spend time at home

To save this family savings challenge printable set use this download link

Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable

This mason jar savings tracker printable is a cute visual way to keep a track of the progress you are making towards your savings goal.

Stick this mason jar print out up somewhere easily visible and mark off every savings milestone that you reach. 

mason jar savings tracker

You can write the amounts at the side and colour the relevant section of the mason jar as you make your way up to the top to complete your savings goal. Whatever you are saving up for, this is a fun and cute way to see yourself progress!

mason jar savings tracker printable

To save this mason jar savings printable set use this download link

If you prefer to manage your budgeting in a digital way, check out this list of the best budgeting apps in the UK

More Practical Printables

Printables can be a great way to keep yourself and your life organised, in all kinds of ways.

Here is a selection of just a few more of the printables available here on In The Playroom, to keep your organised or save you money. 

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I hope these free money saving printables sets help you out on your budgeting journey. Please share with friends, or pin them to your Pinterest boards 

free budgeting printables with mason jar savings trackers, family savings challenge and envelope budgeting system

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