Free Printable Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms

We’ve always used wall stickers to decorate the kids bedrooms, and our playroom too. It’s such an easy way to personalise the space, and when you’re tired of the design you can just switch it up with some thing new.

When we first had kids, we lived in rented properties so using wall stickers was always by far the best option for us to bring some life to all those plain white walls! And once we settled down in our new house, we continued using them since they had been such a great option.

Buying wall stickers is an easily affordable option, but I just came across something even easier and even cheaper – FREE printable wall stickers! How cool is that! They are also more customisable than the regular shop bought types.

Free printable wall stickers to transform the kids rooms. How cool is this! Knights, under the sea, woodland and transport themesYou can download a choice of designs from Room to Grow to DIY your space into something much more fun and playful.

Transport Theme

Free printable wall stickers for kids rooms, in a transport theme

Under The Sea Theme

Free printable wall stickers for kids rooms, in an under the sea theme

Knights Tales Theme 

Free printable wall stickers for kids rooms, in a knight and dragon theme

Woodland Friends Theme

Free printable wall stickers for kids rooms, in a woodland theme

Find out more and download all 4 styles here

Once you download your chosen design, each of the PDF files will come with a full guide on how to print these out and how to apply them, along with suggestions of professional vinyl printers to use if you want to go down that route for the best results.

The great thing about these wall decals is that since you print them yourself, you can have full control over the sizes and the colours. That way, you can make the set fit your space perfectly.

Which is your favourite? I can’t pick between the transport and the knights – and I do love the other choices too. Designs like these work brilliantly in a playroom as well as a child’s bedroom, with the fun themes and bold design inspiring play and imagination.

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free printable wall stickers for childrens bedrooms

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  1. Free printable stickers is a very good idea to bacome familiar with what stickers ca do to your place if you haven’t try at least for once! – But buying stickers will be the best outcome for what you want to acomplish to your space from a large variety of websites on the internet today! – One thing that the buyer must check is the size the sticker will have on the wall that it will be placed!


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