Mr R is in his first speech therapy group at the moment. Having been through this programme already with Mr T, I know from experience that the activities given really do help over time – despite not seeming at first glance to be anything to do with speech! So I thought I would blog each homework activity in case the ideas can be useful for anyone else to try with their little ones.

Our first weeks activity was a blowing bubbles activity. You take a tray (as you can see, I just used a wide flat-ish bowl, it’s quite flexible) and add some bubble liquid or washing up liquid. I added a bit of water to the washing up liquid in mine, but it is more than 50% washing up liquid which is why it’s red due to my Pomegranate flavour Fairy Liquid. I quite liked the coloured effect to keep it more interesting

blowing bubbles activity

Using a straw, blow down to create bubbles in the liquid. Even though it’s something quite simple, it did grab Mr R’s attention and the aim is to help develop that shared attention. Once your child is engaged and interested in watching the activity, you then have that chance to start introducing some key words – for eg: Bubble, Pop, Wow.. or anything else which is suitable. The key is to keep your language simple and not overload with overly complex sentences!

After a little while Mr R wanted to put his train in there so that was the end of the focussed activity really as he then goes off on his own agenda but he concentrated well upto then! You can let your little one blow down the straw too to have a turn, but Mr R did try this and end up sucking instead – so it depends whether or not they can manage it.

When I first started slt with Mr T I have to admit I did wonder how much impact will these kind of activities have on speech – but it all helps with attention, listening and shared attention building the basics which you can build on, without that they can’t learn to speak!

If you want a more thorough post on Speech and language strategies and book recommendations, you may like these tips on helping your child’s speech and language or for another speech and language activity check out our home made shakers.

speechandlanguage shaker1

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