Halloween Pom Bears

pom bearsThe boys do love a pack of Pom-Bears at any time of year, and so do I! But it is October and Pom-Bears are getting into the season of Halloween with their seasonal pickled onion special Halloween packs!

halloween pom bearsWe were sent a multi pack of Halloween Pom Bears to try out and they were very popular with everyone in the house. The children enjoyed this flavour as much as the original Pom-Bears and were really happy to eat them. I liked them too, they have a bit more punch to them than the standard Pom Bears as the flavour is stronger.

halloween pom bearThe flavour and packaging fits in really well with Halloween, and looks great! I don’t like “gross” Halloween things – I’m sure we all know the type of Halloween food which has taken it a bit too far. I have slightly traumatic memories of childhood Halloween parties where the mums went a bit over board and made food disguised as worms, eyeballs and all of that – a massive no no to me! Pom-Bear has the balance right. I love the purple colour scheme and his vampire Halloween costume, which still manages to look cute. The actual Pom Bear crisps in the packet have their usual shape, just with the limited edition pickled onion flavour.

Each packet is a good size, ideal for children or adults. With some crisps I find my boys can not finish a whole packet but I don’t have that problem with Pom Bears! I have given these for my children’s packed lunches or as a snack as home, they would also work well to hand out to Trick or Treaters to make a change from sweets, especially with the Halloween packaging.

Each pack contains 96 calories which is pretty similar any variety of Pom Bears, and they are suitable for vegetarians.
pom bear anyone?Pom Bear Anyone? πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Halloween Pom Bears”

  1. Love pom bear crisps and what with being a big pickled onion fan I’ve not actually tried these, so I’m little disappointed in myself πŸ™‚

  2. I searched high & low for these Pickled Onion Pom Bear Snacks at Halloween and couldn’t find them anywhere. Hopefully I’ll have better luck this year if I can wait that long πŸ™‚


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