I love lists, there is nothing better to help you feel organised and it’s so satisfying to go back and tick off everything that you have achieved! Pixee Pea over at the Glambulance blog suggested a 14 things for 2014 project as a group of bloggers so that we can share our aims with each other and encourage each other to keep up with them – Sounds good to me, as I may get ideas and inspiration from others and getting to know new bloggers is always a good thing! You can read about the project here at Glambulance and find out how to join in if you fancy it.

So – Here are my aims! I have split them into categories as there are things I want to do with the family, things I would like to do for myself and things I would like to achieve with the blog, and those seem quite separate.

14 things for 2014

Family Plans

  • Take the children on holiday – Last year we went to Wales, and I would really love to take them somewhere a bit further a way. Whether we will be able to afford that, I’m not sure – so I would settle for another UK holiday as long as we do get to go away somewhere all together for quality time and making fun memories together.
  • Put more time into the children’s Arabic – It’s important to me that they have a decent grasp of Arabic, if not then how can they read and understand Quran when they grow up and it’s part of our identity as Muslims. When Mr Z was little I used to do a lot with him, but as time went on and I got busy with the 3 of them it’s slipped quite a bit. I’m having to weigh up whether I’m happy to loose so many hours of family time on the weekend by sending the boys (or just Mr Z as the others will be still too young) to Arabic school on a weekend and for the moment have decided to teach this via homeschooling. Mr Z is starting quite late as he is 5 already and I am now starting again to refresh the basics with him, but my aim and hope is that by next year he will be at a decent enough level in reading and writing if I put the work in with him.
  • Teach the children to swim – This is another one that they really should have learned earlier, but I would like to get them started in swimming lessons this year. Their lack of swimming is very much related to my lack of driving license (see below) so I hope that if I get that sorted then this will quickly follow as I will be able to transport them to the swimming pool much easier!
  • Continue with lots of fun days out to make memories – I especially need to make an effort to keep doing outdoors trips during winter weather, as I do find it easier to stay indoors when it’s cold and wet. So getting the wellies on and going for it despite the weather is something I would like to aim to do a little more.

Personal Aims

  • Pass my driving test – This is really my #1 aim this year. I have failed about 5 times (it’s getting to be so many now that I lose track!) – Most of these were quite close misses, but unfortunately it seems like I always do just something to screw it up, which is starting to get quite frustrating now. Anyone who remember reading my post about double buggies for older children with special needs or my rant about rude people and the lack of accessibility on the London transport system, will realise how much easier it would make my life to pass!!
  • Eat Healthier – Stop missing lunch, stop snacking on crap, start planning my meals so that I get organised and so that we end up with less food waste, as that is something I feel quite guilty about. I have made a start on the lunches by taking part in the #31WayswithRyvita project. If anyone has any suggestions to make meal planning easier or help me to stick to it, please do tell me! This is something that has been on my list year after year and just never happens!
  • Decluttering – I have tendencies to keep too many things in the house. Now that Mr R is nearly 2.5 years, the baby stuff needs to go! I found it hard to get rid of, but I think now it’s time and it will be so satisfying to make that extra space and be clear, organised and clutter free! The issue is that I do want another baby in future, but I think it will be best to clear out and make space, then in the future if I hopefully have child #4 I will just treat them to new things. After all most of our stuff is now quite battered anyway after 3 children (in some cases 4 or 5 children as I’ve lent to friends and relatives too!) It is just hard as there are so many sentimental memories attached.

Blogging Goals

blogging goals

  • Attend Britmums Live – I do have my ticket bought for this summer, and it will be my first time at Britmums! So I guess this  is something which will be easy enough to tick off! I have previously been to Tots100 blog summit, but would like to start going to a few more Blogging conferences, to network and learn.
  • Attend Mumsnet Blogfest – Similar to the above! I do not have a ticket bought for this yet, but I am really tempted.
  • Advertising – I currently don’t have a lot of advertising on the site as I have been pursuing other things but this is something I will be looking into more over the coming year
  • E-Book – I would love to write an e-book on Arabic lessons, or even Arabic children’s stories. Basically some kind of Arabic resources for teaching children. I did prepare a course almost 10 years ago now, long before starting my blog but it would be good to update and do something new.
  • Start up a sharing day on my Facebook PageTo help other bloggers share their content and to network. I have seen this on other pages and it seems like a great idea, to get a wider audience for our crafts and children’s activities.  I’m thinking it will be on a Monday. I will then share and pin the projects throughout the week.
  • Stop hating Google+ – I have never really made good use of Google+ over the year. The problem was that the google account I always use was linked to my husbands name not mine, so I hated using it with the wrong name attached. I finally got around to sorting that and now my account is good to go, I feel I should probably get over my issues with Google+ and start using it to my full advantage. If you want to help me on my way by adding me to your circles, please do! Here’s my profile
  • Improve my photography – This is a big one as I know better photos can make a massive difference! I am lucky enough to have some good blogging friends who will tell me honestly when some of my photos are not so good (thanks Eileen mainly!!) There is a new linky The Better Photo Project over at Love all Blogs focusing on exactly this; improving your photos over the year. That will be ideal for me and I am also hoping to complete Project 52 over at The Boy and Me which involves taking one photo per day for a week (related to Project 365 which is one photo per day  – maybe the next year I will move up to 365!)

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What are your goals for this year? Whether personal or for your blog? Please share them with me in the comments, or if you would like then join up to the project too.