Tips for self-employed mums looking to grow their business

Working from home is a wonderful lifestyle for many mums. You can be with your kids when they are young, save money on childcare and have the flexibility to work in your pyjamas if you want! But it’s not all perfect. Being self-employed brings its own set of challenges. There is no one telling you what to do or how, so it can seem like everything falls on your shoulders – including driving the growth of your business. Here are some tips for self-employed mums who want to grow their businesses so they can create a successful and profitable future for their family. 

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Why Do Businesses fail on Amazon

Thousands of people have attempted to sell on Amazon since it is a giant e-commerce marketplace with a plethora of opportunities. You may get your businesses to scale and acquire millions of dollars worth of sales in no time if everything is done correctly. However, building a profitable business on Amazon is not always this easy. You need to put in the right amount of effort, investment, and patience, or else you fail.

In this post, you will learn about the six typical reasons most people fail to establish a successful business on Amazon.

Let’s take a look.

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Fantastic Ways to Save Time as a Business Owner

You routinely debate with family and friends that time is more valuable than money. If you could add a few hours to your working day, you would find it much easier to manage your business. There are a variety of strategies you can use to establish greater client relationships or improve your website. Being a business owner isn’t only about making money; you also want to enjoy your work. The following suggestions will aid you in reclaiming some of that valuable time so that you can feel fulfilled every day.

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Why Building A Strong Support Structure From The Start Is Important For Your Business

Being a stay at home mom is a multi-job all on its own. But, unfortunately, in the current economic state, we find ourselves in, even stay at home moms need to do something more than what their current ‘job description’ is to contribute financially to the household. And in many cases, working moms also have to juggle an extra side business for an extra cushion (or even necessary) financially. So, if you are moving down the road of starting your own business, here are a few integral parts that need to be outsourced.


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Better Ways to Promote Your Business

Brand awareness is the first step to engaging your target audience and attracting customers, which is why it’s vital to promote your business. To maximise your success, however, you’ll want to find innovative ways to promote your brand and inspire your audience to act. With this in mind, take a look at these five better ways to promote your business now:


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5 of the Best Sales Skills to Train in for Business Success

Running a business is all about pushing sales, getting new customers and retaining customers. To set your business off on the right foot, it’s important to take the time to enhance your selling skills.  Getting the right coaching can help you to stay up to speed with changes and new techniques that match current trends so you can keep your business moving.

This article will talk about the top skills taught by the best sales training companies that can help you take your selling skills to the next level. 

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