Best type of holidays for total relaxation

You know that feeling when you’ve been working hard for months on end and you just need to kick back and forget about the real world for as long as possible? Me, too! The only problem is choosing the perfect kind of break that will guarantee endless days of rest and recuperation, as one person’s dream holiday will be another’s nightmare.

Take a look at what I think are the most relaxing holiday styles and see which you’d choose. Me? I wouldn’t say no to any of them…

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Luxury cruises

The idea of walking onto a huge cruise ship and not having to worry about anything at all for the whole holiday really appeals. I’ve always been taken with the idea of a cruise that has a lot of activities on-board, especially those with zip-wires and big swimming pools, but I have to admit that heading to a fancy dinner in a stylish outfit plays a part, too. offer a wide range of cruising options that cater to everyone.

Beach holidays

Choose the right destination and before you know it, the sun, sea and sand will instantly make real-life worries fade away. It’s not exactly a shocker that the Caribbean is as popular as it is for relaxing beach holidays, as the weather stays hot and gorgeous practically all year and what makes a day of sunbathing even better? Yup…a tropical cocktail or two. Sign me up!

Spa stays

For anyone that needs the tension physically removed from their bodies, what could be more relaxing than booking into a spa for an extended stay? Massages, aromatherapy and mud wraps are all guaranteed to have you feeling like new and some of the more unusual treatments, such as cupping, are too Instagram-worthy to ignore!

Spa holidays can make people think of eating nothing but salad and drinking wheatgrass, but I’m talking about luxury locations that offer amazing food and drink and make you feel like you’re really treating yourself. The best part of all is that you don’t even need to commit to a lengthy break to get the full relaxation benefits of a spa, as a long weekend can work wonders.

Glamping getaways

Camping is a lot of fun but it’s never struck me as a very relaxing holiday option, what with having to pitch your own tent, cook your own food and bunk down in a solitary sleeping bag. Glamping has changed all of this, though! Now, you can get all those relaxing benefits of getting back to nature and sleeping under the stars, while not having to lift a finger and without any worries about cold or bad weather spoiling everything.

Staying in a yurt, complete with wood burner, blankets and a huge bed sounds like the perfect way to camp to me, although wooden glamping huts are also an appealing option. As long as I don’t have to put the tent up but can wake to birdsong, I’m happy.

Yoga retreats

For all the yogis out there, what could be better than a retreat designed to improve practice, focus the mind and allow everyday tensions to simply melt away? I can’t think of much! Even better is that technology tends to be frowned upon at yoga retreats, meaning that the outside world will simply have to wait for you to choose to return to it, rather than stressing you out when you least expect it to.

Unlike spa stays, you are more likely to be required to commit to a healthier eating plan while away, but when someone else is doing all the prep for you, it’s not hard to sit back and enjoy whatever arrives on your plate.

Whatever your idea of relaxing is, there will be a perfect holiday for you and perhaps you could even think about combining a few different ideas. After all, who wouldn’t like the idea of some sunset yoga, on the top deck of a luxury cruise ship, before enjoying a shore excursion to a secluded beach? I know I’d forget about everything back home in that scenario!


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