10 Important Reasons You Should be Using a copper Water Bottle

“You’ll be amazed to know that copper isn’t just a metal but also an element floating in human body’s bloodstream. A healthy adult human body consists of nearly one tenth of a gram of copper. So, naturally a copper utensil does a lot more than just store water and eatables in your kitchen. Read on, and explore some interesting benefits!”

Since more than 2000 years ago, copper utensils have formed a fundamental part of the lifestyle of Indians, and worldwide. From a 100-year old practitioner of Ayurveda to your grandparent, ask anyone and you’ll surely hear stories of why they preferred using copper glasses & jugs before other metal utensils replaced your kitchen shelves.

The water stored in a copper utensil is known as ‘tamara jal’. It is said that tamara jal is a neutral water free from the three doshas of the body i.e. kapha, pitta and vata. And hence, water kept in a copper water bottle has benefits not just in summers but winters and other seasons as well.

Following are 10 such striking benefits that illustrate why you should also use copper water bottles in your homekitchen.

Starting with,


1.    Look younger


Comprising of anti-oxidant materials, copper comes with anti-ageing properties. Its molecules fight with free radicals in your skin, significantly reducing fine lines on your face. Apart from this, copper is also proven to release a protein called collagen in the blood, which leads to a stronger connection in tissues. In addition, it contains a pigment called melanin, which boosts the production of new skin cells. Hence, drinking from water stored in a copper utensil or water bottle can bring a supple, fresh glow to your appearance.


2.    Reduce pains & diseases caused by inflammation


Copper carries excellent anti-inflammation properties. Therefore, drinking water from a copper water bottle helps significantly in relieving body aches caused due to excess inflammation. Especially the people suffering from medical conditions like arthritis, for them, doctors highly recommend using copper glasses or water bottles instead of plastic or steel ones.


3.    Lose Weight & Extra Layers of Fat


Copper aids in fighting the gastrointestinal stress keeping the digestive system of the body healthy. It also enhances peristalsis, the movement of muscles in the digestive tract, leading to proper absorption and excretion. This stimulates metabolism and prevents extra fat from depositing, hence, helping you to lose excess weight.


4.    Boost haemoglobin and balance pH level in your blood

In a human body, copper molecules combine with iron to create a pigment called haemoglobin that gives a red colour to your red blood cells. Being a source of red blood cell production, copper also contributes a lot in healing the overall immune system of the body including blood vessels, veins & nerves, and bones too. So, if a person is anaemic, which is caused by a deficiency of red blood cells, switching to a copper water bottle is a great idea.

5.    Solve Thyroid Problems

When it comes to regular functioning of the thyroid gland, copper is one of the most essential elements needed. Hence, for people suffering from hyperthyroidism, drinking from a copper glass or copper water bottle regularly can restore the balance of thyroid gland.


6.    Interestingly. Cure Cancer!

As mentioned above also, copper comes with rich anti-oxidant substances. According to the American Cancer Society, these anti-oxidants in copper can help battle cancer, especially if it is used in initial stages of the disease.


7.    A Portable Bacteria-free Solution

Also classified as an oligodynamic metal, copper comes with a self-sterilizing property. That means, it has a natural capability of killing bacteria and it can remain clean for long without washing. So, keeping water in copper utensils is a sure-shot way to avoid repetitive cleaning and carry it for long distances.


8.    Regulate your cardiovascular health

Switching to a copper water bottle has tremendous benefits for diabetics and heart patients. Copper is known to stabilize the blood pressure, regulate heart rate, release hypertension and lower the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in a human body.


9.    Sharpen your brain

Do you know how our brain processes information? Well, it carries it from neuron to neuron. Each neuron is covered with layers called myelin. Now, what copper does here is, it strengthens these layers by the production of a substance called phospholipid. This helps the brain in working faster and more efficiently.


10.  Prevent Microbes & Infections

Numerous researches have proven that water stored in a copper water bottle for over 8 hours automatically destroys over 97% of the microbes contained in it. This is the reason you’ll see many elite hospitals provide water in copper glasses to their ICU patients. Also, its anti-bacterial properties allow the scars & injuries in your body to heal quicker.


Ayurveda recommends that every morning, a person should drink a glass of water from a copper utensil or water bottle stored overnight. So, why not try switching from all those plastic bottles to some traditional copper cups, or copper water bottles. Modern and sleek yet packed with pure materials of ancient natural wisdom, a copper water bottle is also a beautiful gift for your grandparents and some unique addition to your little one’s school bag. Bring home some!

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