Five Things to Check Before Taking Your MOT Test

If your MOT is coming up and you are worried about it, channel your concerns into giving your car the best possible chance of sailing through but working your own way through the check-list in the days before the test.

The full list runs to something like 27 items, and you will not be able to check, for example, your emissions to ensure they are in the legally permitted range, but there are a number of very quick and easy tasks that you can do to boost your confidence in your vehicles odds of passing the test first time round. These include:

Sounds Good

Check your horn. Society today is fairly polite and few people ever need to use their horn to clear the way ahead. But being able to warn others that you are approaching is a vital part of keeping you and other road users safe while out and about, so give yours a quick tap to make sure it is loud and audible before risking the inspector finding it to be out of order through lack of use!

Light Up

Check all the lights in the car. These include parking lights, fog lights, back lights, and your main lights and their ability to be dipped. The interior car light might also be checked, especially in newer models where the electronics are sophisticated and reliant on the integrity of the system.

Also, if you have any warning lights showing on your dash, do your best to sort the problems out before the MOT – depending on their severity the results will range from an advisory notice to a flat-out fail.

Stopping Power

Your brakes and brake lights will definitely be checked by the inspector and they must be in good working order, both to stop your vehicle promptly and to warn other drivers that you are braking.

Any issues with your brakes will earn you a fail and you will have to get the problem sorted immediately rather than later on in the month or year.

Fluids Top-Ups

MOT inspectors will ensure that any fluid levels in the car are somewhere between satisfactory and high, so do yourself a favour and grab the instruction manual and find out how to check the various fluid levels: hydraulic systems, the brakes, oil, and water for the radiator and the windscreen washer reservoir amongst others.


Simply casting your eye over your car can help you get through your MOT. The interior and exterior should be clean enough to display any dents or flaws, your number plate should be clean and visible as well as firmly fixed in place, and all the windows and mirrors should be clean and free of cracks or damage.

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