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bathtime funMy children always love bath time as they enjoy being in the water, but I am still always keen to try out new products for even more bathtime fun and to keep it and interesting for them. As it is one of life’s essential tasks which you have to do each day, it could get a bit repetitive so adding different toys or products can help to mix things up a bit and keep life interesting! Here are a few of the bath time products we have found good recently.

Halos n Horns

halos n horns bathtime funWe have been using Halos n Horns for quite a while now, since trying it when it first came out. Zingy Orange hair and body wash is their best selling product and it has just been released with a new even zingier fragrance. We were sent one of the new versions to try out and it does smell slightly fruitier, but is still just as kind and gentle to skin. It does a good job washing hair too and is a great choice for us when in a rush, or when travelling, as the one product does everything!

When we are in less of a rush I also like the Halos n Horns shampoos – mango mayhem and berry burst. They smell lovely! The boys like to choose which one they want to use each day. This does help if any of them are complaining about having their hair washed, I just distract them with okay but choose which one want. This always works with Mr R (2)

If bathtime is a battle for you, you can also download free guides to help at

Konfidence Flashing Blinkies

konfidence bathtime funWe were recently sent these and they are lots of fun in the bath. They light up and flash different colours – my boys love anything like that in the bath and it seems to be something which appeals equally to all of them, from age 2 – 5. They are lined up here because Mr Z plays diving competitions in the bath. It’s quite a fun game with the bath toys, we make them all jump in and perform different moves and stunts on the way down and give them a score to see who wins the championships. Mr Z does the moves, I give the scores – it’s his favourite bath game so he’s always happy to have more characters to come and take part! And Mr R (2) particularly liked the duck – you can never go wrong with a bath duck!

Koo-di Bath Caddy for toy storage

koodi bathtime funWe have been testing out this bath caddie for Koo-di and I’m really impressed with it so far. It’s a really decent size so fits everything in easily. It has holes at the bottom to drain the water and make sure there;s no toys staying damp and developing that horrible black mouldy stuff (If you have ever accidently left bath toys without drying them I’m sure you know the stuff I mean!). This caddy has a suction to stick it on the wall, and it actually stays on really well and sticks firmly. I wondered if it would fall down after a few days, as I have had that experience with other suction products before but so far it is doing really well. I love the spotty design too – nice and cheerful in the bathroom.

Crazy Soap

crazysoapWe recently reviewed these products here and a competition will be running to win some here – so have a look!

Ozeri Turtle

bathturtleThis is another one we reviewed a while back which is still getting a lot of use in the bath. Read the full review here. Its a very practical yet cute one.

Love Boo

love boo detangling sprayAs well as having bathtime fun with their bath toys, it’s always useful to find some handy and child friendly products to help with hair care afterwards. Mr R has very curly hair so when I was given this detangling spray at our bloggers night in I was really pleased as it is perfect for him. It’s very easy to use, you just spray onto wet or dry hair and comb through. It also smells really nice, a bit like baby powder, and I could still smell the scent of it in Mr R’s hair the next day. I love the packaging too as it’s so cute and stylish. It’s not the cheapest at ยฃ11.99 but if you do have a curly haired child prone to tangles it may be worth pampering them a little!

Are there any bath time products you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love nicely smelling (scents) toiletries, so Halos and Horns sounds good to me. Fruit scents I think are refreshing. As for bath toys I have found ducks and boats to be the most popular in our household.


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