Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins – With Free Soft Play!

Now that the Autumn and Winter season is here, there seems to be loads of bugs and colds going around so it’s good to get the children to have a good multi vitamin for some extra protection to keep them healthy and well! We tried the Vitamin ABCD&E packs in Orange and Strawberry. There are 45 vitamins in each pack, to be taken one per day. They are chewy and seem like sweets to the children, with a pleasant taste (but no sugar!) and they are easy to eat.

With Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins there is even more of a reason to buy them as there is a free soft play voucher with every promotional pack until the end of the month. Each voucher entitles you to one free soft play session at a choice of over 200 venues convenient to you.

Soft play is a great choice of activity, especially when the weather is colder but the children still need to burn off their energy! My boys love it and a recent survey of mums in the UK found that a whopping 71% enjoy treating their children to a soft play day because it is guaranteed high-energy entertainment that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. I can’t say that surprises me, as I know it’s a popular choice. The survey also showed that many mums enjoy soft play themselves, as a chance to meet up with friends and chat while the children play and of course to see their little ones enjoying themselves. Again – I definitely agree.

To redeem your free session with the promotional Bassetts packs, you visit and add your post code to find your nearest soft play. There are many from the Wacky Warehouse chain, so one of those was the most local choice for me. You then add the code from your packet and you will get your voucher to print out. Don’t forget to keep your sticker from the pack as you need to attach it to the front! Once you have your vouchers, you have until May 2014 to redeem them.

We have not had a chance to redeem ours yet. It’s a shame Mr T has not been able to go out for the past couple of weeks (regular readers might know, he had his grommets in and adenoids out and is not allowed to go and mix with people in case of infection). Soft play would have been ideal for the children over this cold half term week, or some of these rainy and windy weekends we have been having! As soon as he is well and back to nursery, then soft play will definitely be at the top of our to do list and I’m sure it will put a smile on his face! All 3 boys love soft play and for Mr T it is brilliant to help build up his muscle strength, which is something that he really needs with his low muscle tone.

Once we have been, I will be back to share some pictures on the blog! But I did not want to wait too much longer to share the news about these promotional packs, as they are only available to buy until the end of the month.

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