Baby Born Sister Styling Head Review

When I was a child, the one toy I always pined for but never ended up getting was a styling head. I would always play with them at friends houses or whenever it was toy day at school. So now that I have a little girl of my own and need to learn a better variety of hair styles, this is an ideal toy for us to both to play with and enjoy.

It’s not easy to practise braiding techniques on your toddler, when you are not yet confident in the style you’re trying to do as there is only so much time that they want to sit still! So it’s been really handy to practise on the styling head, as I would love to perfect some more unique styles beyond the basic braid. I’ve found it quite relaxing to sit of an evening and put a few braiding tutorials up on the TV from YouTube and then sit and try my hand at them.

The styling head comes with a brush, and accessories including hair bobbles so you have everything you need to get going. Here is the hair down and brushed, it is a little past shoulder length which is a similar length to my daughters hair which is handy as it makes it more realistic to practise on. The texture of the hair is quite silky and realistic.

It also comes with a brightly coloured make up palette which my little girl (almost 3) enjoyed applying. This colours have a nice shimmer, and came off easily with a wet tissue after she had finished playing, with no staining to the face at all.

She also really enjoys brushing the hair. She was drawn to the styling head straight away and it will be great for us to keep practising and trying out new hair styles together as she gets older, by learning them on the styling head and then trying them out on her own hair.

Some of the styles we have tried out are: French braids, fishtail braids, dutch braids and simpler ideas like two braids joining at the back, or a braid into a pony tail. I am still practicing with the styling head because a lot of the time mine do not come out the neatest, but that’s what’s good about having this product to practise with…

and here’s one practiced on my little girl..

The Baby Born Styling Head is also a great way for dads to practise hair, if he is willing to give it a try! Check out the video to see dads learning space buns (which is actually something simple that I need to try myself too) and the second video to help with technique of making two French braids in the hair, which is one of the prettiest classic hair styles that you can do for little girls.

The Baby Born Sister Styling Head is available for around RRP 34.99. We were sent ours in order to review, and would recommend it both for fun creative play and for parents who want to practice doing hair!

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