These 5 Habits Of Yours Are Damaging Your Central Heating System

Name a better feeling than the one you get when you enter your warm and cozy home in chilly winter days – I’ll wait. I bet this is one of the best feelings that anyone could get and all thanks to the heating system that you have installed in your home for providing most comfortable and relaxing environment inside the house. Central heating installation is a big investment but it gives relief for several years. However, they require care and maintenance for longer lifespan and better service. But, there could be some habits that you don’t know are secretly damaging your heating system. The following habits need to be changed if you want your heating system to work with optimum efficiency and not get damaged.

  1. No Regular Cleaning 

As soon as the winter season arrives, you start relying on the heating system of your house and run it for several hours per day. This continuous running with very small intervals of break results in building up the dirt and dust in the vents, filters, furnace and fans of the system. If these components are not cleaned on a regular basis then your heating system can be put at a high risk of internal damage and its functioning would downgrade. So, keep the system unburdened by cleaning it regularly especially when it is serving you continuously for several hours a day.

  1. Running the System for an Entire Day 

A lot of energy is used up by heating systems to work properly and if it runs non-stop without a single break then you can imagine the internal damage yourself. Every machine needs some rest to restore the energy it has been using. Keep a check on thermostat and turn the system off when the desired temperature has been reached.

  1. Not Changing the Air Filters 

Air filters in a central heating system are used to trap dust and dirt and prevent them from entering your house. Many people don’t change the filters regularly which decreases the efficiency of the system. Ensure that you keep on replacing the old filters with new ones timely and invest in good quality filters that don’t need to be changed frequently.

  1. Turning the System On and Off Frequently 

Most of the people are seen to change the thermostat of the heating system constantly which damages it internally. Sometimes, when the system isn’t even turned off completely i.e. its inner components are not shut off properly, the system is turned on again. Avoid changing the thermostat frequently to save the heating system from harm. 

  1. Getting Heating System Installed of Incorrect Size 

When checking out new heating systems and new boiler cost, remember to factor-in size. If you get a system too small than the space then it would not be able to heat appropriately and would be burdened. Similarly, if the unit would be too large then it would cost more energy bills. Thus, it is important to get your house size and every other factor determined by a professional before you choose a heating system for your house. 

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