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When we first started weaning Baby N (around 6 months), one of the first baby foods I introduced to her, alongside finger foods like sticks of cucumber which she loves, was Babease baby food pouches.

They have a range of purees which are suitable for when you first start weaning, and then a second stage for around 7 months and up. The foods are vegetable led, so are more savoury than a lot of the fruity pouches you often come across (when you look at baby food pouches, you might be shocked to see ones marketed as vegetables often still have a huge fruit content!)

I really like the mixture of flavours available in their pouches, which give you a nice variety and helped me introduce a wider range of flavours and new foods than I probably would have prepared myself.

It’s easy to fall back on the typical staples when making your own first baby foods (carrot, apple, banana, mashed avocado… I’m sure you know the ones!) and although those are good too, it was really nice to let N branch out with some of the varieties available from Babease.

The pouches available are…

In the first stage:

  • Butternut Squash, carrot and broccoli
  • Sweet potato and pear with coconut water, brown rice and quinoa
  • Pear mixed with berries with coconut water, brown rice and quinoa
  • Sweet potato, carrot and cauliflower
  • Pumpkin and peas

N’s favourite with these was the pumpkin and pea. She loves anything with peas in it! She also really liked the butternut squash and sweet potato ones, and was a bit less keen on the ones with coconut water although she still ate some, and I’m glad she had the chance to try it!

Personally I do prefer sweet and savoury flavours to be kept separate as I find it clearer (you know whether to give it as a meal or desert!) so I prefer the ones that N preferred too! However, Babease are much better with this as other brands I’ve come across have a lot more fruit mixed into more of the pouches.

The second stage pouches are suitable for around 7 months+, once your baby has settled into weaning.

The pouches available are…

  • Pumpkin, chickpea, tomato and brown rice
  • Brown rice and chicken, with broccoli, pumpkin and peas
  • Broccoli, parsnip and lentils with onion and tomato quinoa
  • Quinoa and beetroot, butternut squash, and kidney beans
  • Brown rice, swede, butterbeans, courgette and leek.

Again these are a really good variety and mix of flavours, which are all savoury which I do prefer as N seems to like those and I want her to get used to a good mix of vegetables and savoury foods rather than developing a sweet tooth which wouldn’t serve her well later in life!

The Babease pouches are organic, premium, organic local ingredients and I was happy with the quality. I would buy these in future as they’re really handy to have in the cupboard. If your baby is gluten or dairy free, the Babease food is suitable for those needs too.

You can feed directly from the pouch when on the go, or just squeeze it into a bowl (warm it up if you prefer) and feed with a spoon. I prefer this method especially when babies are quite young. If your baby won’t eat the full pouch (N definitely wouldn’t finish a whole pouch amount when we started weaning) you could even squeeze into ice cube trays and freeze individual portions to use, to help avoid waste!

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