Embracing my #BigKid Side

Our house is full of all kinds of toys. With four kids, that’s no surprise but actually – a few of the toys are mine! I’ve always enjoyed playing together with my kids and their toys.

Sometimes you’ll hear mums saying they get bored playing with the kids but that’s not me. I really like making up the silly stories and playing their games, probably as deep down I’m a big kid myself! I love trying out new toys with them, joining them for a game of football, battling them on the xbox, or doing colouring together.

But quite recently I’ve discovered a toy that’s more just for me. One I really find relaxing of an evening once the kids are up to bed, and that is jigsaw puzzles. I’d always enjoyed doing puzzles together with the kids, since my eldest was a toddler and he’d have me doing the Thomas the Tank engine puzzles together with him over and over – I did find it quite therapeutic!

In the past year though I’ve started getting more 1000 piece puzzles just for myself to do, and it really relaxes me. I also play a lot of puzzle type of games on my phone (yes, I’m a Candy Crush addict) as these type of games really chill me out.

This is one of the most recent puzzles that I got for myself, and enjoyed completing once the kids were in bed! As you can see, I’ve gone for a Disney design to indulge my Big Kid side in that too. I do love a bit of Disney – I’m always just as excited as the kids to see any new Disney movies (probably more than them!) and I really love Disney on Ice too. I don’t think these stories stop being magical once you’re grown up – why should they?!

I’ve also got my eye on getting some LEGO sets for myself. There are more and more adults playing with LEGO nowadays and I have to admit, I’m a little bit jealous of a friend who’s got the LEGO Disney castle set, which looks amazing! Although, I’d have to really get a lot of time to manage to put that together as it’s a huge set! So meanwhile, I indulged my LEGO whim on a smaller scale and got myself a LEGO Batman Brickhead. These are new collectable figures from LEGO which are really cute, and easy to put together in front of the TV of an evening. Once I’d built it, I did give to my littlest boy to start his collection up in his room, and he got himself an Iron Man one too so his collection is well on it’s way.

Tesco Direct challenged me to share my #BigKid side with you all, and they’re a great place to buy all kinds of toys from Puzzles, to LEGO and more!

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