The Average Cost of a Baby’s First Year

The joy of raising a family is priceless, but of course every baby comes with some necessary costs! The choices that you make on how to raise your baby can really affect how much these costs are though, and I’ve found that if you want to, then you can manage on a budget for the first 12 months.

With our first baby, we bought quite a few of his supplies second hand – like the pushchair, and even the nursery furniture, which saved a lot of money. But, as he was formula fed, that was a cost we had to budget for every week.

With baby N, she’s breastfed so that works out to be a huge saving over the first year! I have probably spent more on clothes this time around this, especially as she is the first girl after three boys. And with all of the children I’ve been lucky that I stay at home, and so didn’t have to pay childcare costs as nursery fees are one of the biggest expenses associated with having children. Of course it’s something well worth paying though, if you do want to go back to work outside the home, as good quality childcare is so important!

Take a look at this handy infographic and see if it fits in with your spending, or your plans.

Infographic supplied by Busy Bees Tunbridge Wells child care

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  1. Love this info graphic! I’ve had 3 now and the cost has obviously dropped with subsequent babies. Cloth nappies are excellent money savers , even more so if you have more than 1 child!


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