Halloween Spider Craft

We’ve been having lots of fun with Halloween crafts lately, and since Mr R has become really interested in spiders we couldn’t pass up the chance to make our own spider craft for this season. We made this simple craft using supplies from Bostik and Craft Merrily from our regular Bostik family bloggers box. I like to call this craft a patchwork spider because of all the mixed colours that we used to make up the spider’s body.

Halloween spider craft - this patchwork spider is easy and fun for kids to make! so cool

To make the spider you will need:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • Scraps of tissue paper
  • Several googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Tape

First take the styrofoam ball and the pipe cleaners and position them to make the 8 spider legs like this. We used tape to secure the legs in the middle. We used invisible tape but don’t worry as the tape can be covered later anyway! We chose pipe cleaners in a variety of Autumn Halloweeny colours and bent the ends a bit to help our spider stand up.



Next is the bit that was most fun for the younger boys, stick the multi coloured tissue paper all over the spider’s body. We used Halloween colours for this again – black, orange and green, but you could adapt this for whatever type of spider you prefer. Perhaps you fancy a brightly coloured rainbow spider? The same steps will apply.



We used one of the Bostik glues that we had previously tried, the Bostik Blu Tack glue stick. This is one of my go-to glues with the kids, it is great quality and goes on blue so that they can see what they are doing. It’s perfect for the younger boys.

After covering the whole body of the spider with tissue squares (we tried to keep different colours next to each other for the patchwork effect), and adding another piece of tissue on top to cover the tape, we got started with adding the eyes. Mr Z did this, again using the Bostik Blu Tack glue stick. It’s easier to apply the glue to the back of the googly eye and then place it on, rather than gluing directly to the spider and then trying to attach.




We added several eyes to give that spooky spidery feel, and then ta da… all finished!



The boys love this spider and have been playing with it often since making it, as they love to carry it around and pretend to scare people with it! It’s a very simple craft and can be done collaboratively by siblings of different ages as we did, or could make lots of different spiders each and make a whole collection!

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