An Innovative Way To Make Your Party Unique

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By Luciana Oliveira

Yes we are still not quite passed the lockdown phase yet but not all is lost. We finally regained a lot of the things we had to let go during lockdown but things are definitely better. We can see friends and even have small gatherings so let’s focus on the positives and make the most out of it.

So we can’t go to big events or parties but we surely can have our friends over for a cheeky get together. If you are like me and want to enjoy every possibility of being around your loved ones and obviously, celebrate and party, read on because we came across a very cool idea to make your parties super unique.

My mum is obsessed with taking pictures at parties and gatherings in general and I think I got this passion from her. She is always taking pictures and because she is old school she normally prints them and put them in an album which I find very sweet. To be honest our generation and the coming ones are probably the ones that take the most amount of pictures but we end up losing them or never accessing them as they will forever live on our phones or computers. So when Ignite Images Photography told us they actually offer on site printing pictures I was so excited to learn more.

Ignite Images are specialists in providing instant photo printing on-site. They have been doing it for years and their experience will ensure your event runs smoothly and meets your goals. It is a service that they offer to both corporate clients and private clients and is popular with both in equal measure. They have worked with major brands such as Disney, Samsung, BT Sport, Fred Perry, Mont Blanc, and Amazon amongst others at their events with great success so you know you will be getting the absolute best!

What a great way to innovate your parties once lockdown is over and also go back to those times where we could pick up an album and have a great laugh remembering all those amazing memories!

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