6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside

Today’s most of the kids spending hours daily in front of electronics devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops and television. In fact, 43% of kids would prefer to stay indoors and play with technology, rather than getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. There’s no denying that today’s kids are swapping active, outdoor play for a more sedentary lifestyle, causing severe consequences for their health and their overall well-being. So, how do you encourage your kids to outdoor play? Read on to know more.

Provide Kid Friendly Backyard equipment: 

Basic childhood toys, such as hula hoops, jump ropes, wooden outdoor playhouse, and flat ground trampoline, are great for simple, active fun. They are kid-friendly perfect equipment for setting up obstacle courses, made-up games, and races. Outdoor swing is another backyard element that you may want to consider. Swings are fun and soothing, great for developing balance and equilibrium, and a superb way to be more active. 

Take Their Indoor Toys to the Outdoors:

Many kids will appreciate being able to take some toys from inside their home to the outside in order to feel more relaxed. Their favorite indoor toy is the perfect place to start – as long as it’s not a mobile phone, tablet, etc.! It could be building blocks, lego, costumes, or anything that can withstand outdoor activities.

Take them to a Variety of Places: 

Once your kid is used to the backyard and local park, try taking them to a national park, coastal walk, botanical garden, river, countryside, or the beach. New sights, smells, sounds, and textures are enjoyable and exciting for your child The more varied the environments and helps to provide a huge opportunity for social development in children as well.

Playing with Water:

If it’s summertime and the temperatures are nice, then water is a great incentive to let your kids to go outdoors. Water guns, sprinklers toy tugboats, and other similar gears are great ways to encourage your kids to experience the greatness of the outdoors.

Try to Involve them in Everyday Outside Chores:

Start with the kids in outside activities, such as washing the dog, cleaning the outdoor furniture, hanging the clothes, light gardening, or feeding the pets. It will allow them to company with you, so they feel a sense of importance while helping their parents with the outdoor chores.

Make it a Family Affair

If your children spend most of their week with a single parent, try to establish the outdoors as family bonding time, where he or she can enjoy playing outside with the whole family. Activities such as hiking or family cycling trips will help them to start associating the outdoors with a positive mind and spending quality family time. 

Each child has a different personality which will influence the way they interact with other children, how they play, and the environment in which they feel comfortable. If they are the indoor type, it can be hard to get them outside. We hope that with these tips, you can be able to get your child to encourage to play outdoors a little bit more each day. Spending time outside can improve language skills, motor development, supports their cognitive.

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  1. Kids don’t want to play now. My kids don’t want to play. They want to be busy with electronic devices. I enjoyed reading your writing. I hope they will play outside.


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