An Elephant for Breakfast

We’re always looking for new and interesting stories to read at bed time. An Elephant for Breakfast was a great choice for my children and kept them really gripped each night, especially Z who is 6 years old.

An Elephant for Breakfast is the story of two families of cousins living in the same street. Each year they receive a surprise gift from their uncle Cosmo in Africa, but this year’s gift leads to a lot more adventure and danger than they expected! As the story goes on, they find themselves stuck in the middle of an ivory smuggling plot and it leads children to reflect on the issues of the ivory trade – which is not something that my boys were even aware of before, so it does give a little food for thought.


The story is well written with lots of twists and turns. At the end of each chapter, Z would say “nooo we need to read more!” So that’s always a sign of a good book in my eyes. It kept me interested too while I was reading it aloud to him – so it was enjoyed by all of us.

An Elephant for Breakfast is written by Zella Hunter, and is available from book stores including Amazon (affiliate). I would recommend it for any children of around 6 or 7+

Following on from some of the themes in this book, I’d also like to share a quick video from the Tusk Trust which explores what children think of endangered animals. It can be an upsetting topic, so for children on the younger end of the age range for this book it’s probably a good idea to read the book together so that you can chat about the topic and clear up any questions that your child might have.

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