Amtico Flooring was made for 2020

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By Luciana Oliveira

The first amazing thing about Amtico flooring is that remains to be the leading go-to brand for luxury vinyl flooring since its inception. The reasons for this are because it is easily cut to fill any shape or size of room in your home. Amtico is incredibly popular for homeowners
looking to create unique layouts and patterns using their flooring design. Amtico specialises in replicating stone and wood throughout its colour palettes and texture shades. This brand is far superior to any others when it comes to look and durability.

The flooring market has been infiltrated with consumers looking for the most cost effective way to make changes in their homes, especially over lockdown, and were pleased to discover that even the lowest price Amtico flooring is STILL the best option. Let’s explore
why a little more…

How much is Amtico flooring?

Initially, you may think that the cost of Amtico is too good to be true and you’d be better off opting for authentic flooring materials such as wood and stone. Well, think again. Even the worst DIY’ers are capable of fitting Amtico themselves.

All that is needed is an hour or two of your time (based on size of room fitting will obviously take longer). The handy click or glue down method are the only two methods needed to fit Amtico. Ensuring your flooring is level before fitting, all you need to do is simple glue down or ‘click’ the planks or tiles into place. Its worth noting that if your Amtico flooring is being installed over concrete you will require damp-proof membrane to be laid down prior to installation, added damp proofing Chichester.

Size isn’t an Issue

Amtico can vary in price from £20 to £90 per square metre. As the best high-end vinyl product on the market Amtico tends to be a little pricier than its alternatives flooring contenders. From browsing for the perfect vinyl flooring, you will come to notice that the quality of the product is instantly the preferred choice within UK properties and even some commercial buildings where suited to design. The fact is, natural materials remain a pain to replace or deep clean, often any method causes more harm than good. The Installation Process Not an avid DIY’er? Don’t worry. Using the glue down method, which requires a special adhesive, each tile or plank can be placed down and secure within 10 minutes.

You may wish to install Amtico yourself, but you should ensure to take extra care to pay special attention to the manufacturers guidelines as you don’t want to risk losing your warranty. Amtico flooring UK can not be faulted for the vast quantity of selection it offers its customers. With Amtico Spacia, Decor and Signature Woods collections and beyond to choose from, you will never be left wondering if you could’ve got better elsewhere with Amtico. If 2020 is about getting the best for your money, Amtico is the flawless flooring to splurge it on.

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