Alpha & Omega 3 The Great Wolf Games

Recently we were sent a new movie from Lionsgate to watch and review. The boys always love to watch new movies, especially Mr Z so they were really keen to snuggle up on the sofa and watch this movie: Alpha & Omega 3 The Great Wolf Games.
Alpha & Omega 3 The Great Wolf Games


This is movie is shorter than usual at just 43 minutes long, but this means it is perfect to fit in during a busy day or in the summer when you don’t want the kids to spend hours in front of the TV. It’s the perfect length to just give them a break from activity, and for little ones it means their concentration won’t be easily lost.

Alpha and Omega 3 The Great Wolf Games is the tale of a woodland community where the Alpha wolves of each pack have a tradition of racing each year.  Three young wolves Runt, Stinky and Clawdette want to race but their pack has not put their name down to enter for this season. They need 5 members to take part so they think outside of the box and invite other animals, so the games will go ahead with more variety of animals not just alpha wolves. They go ahead as a team of underdogs and try their luck coached by Coach Humphrey.


My boys love anything to do with racing, they find it so exciting to watch and think about who will win so straight away this story line appealed to them. They loved the characters and were really entertained by the movie, watching it several times during the Easter holidays.

This is the 3rd Alpha & Omega DVD which has been released, but it was the first one that we have seen. It didn’t matter at all that we weren’t familiar with the previous stories. It seems self contained enough and we could easily follow everything that was going on. I’m sure the boys would like to watch the other Alpha & Omega DVDs too as they enjoyed this. They are lovely characters. I have seen that the previous Alpha & Omega films were rated more highly than this one, but as we have not seen those it’s hard to compare. All I can say is that the boys definitely enjoyed this one.

Alpha & Omega 3 The Great Wolf Games is out now on DVD and available from many retailers including Amazon (Affiliate link)

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