All roads lead to Rome: what to do, see, and eat?

Traveling to Rome is one of the most exciting trips that one can have. The fascinating historical stories that the city tell, the delicious cuisine, and the astonishing sites made Rome be one of the most touristic capitals of the world with thousands of tourists every year. However, since there are so many things to see and do there, it might be a bit difficult to choose the best ones that should definitely not be missed. Read below what you should absolutely not miss when you are traveling there to make sure you experience Rome entirely without having any regrets on your way back home.

Dining in Rome

Italian cuisine is already extremely famous for the wide variety of foods that it offers to the locals and the tourists, so when you are in Rome the last thing that you have to worry about is the fact that you will not find a place to eat delicious food. There are many small family restaurant businesses that you can easily find at every corner of the street. The most traditional foods such as pizza and pasta are definitely a must-try there, since the way they are cooked is legit and the fresh products, which Italians use for them, make the food a delight for everyone. Also, even if you are not a coffee lover, you still have to experience the coffee culture in Rome because you will definitely change your mind and you will start to buy your own lungo capsules for nespresso when you go back home. There are many street cafes where you can start your morning with a small cup of coffee that will waken and delight all your senses.

Visit more than just the Colosseum

Colosseum is indeed the symbol of Rome and has a fascinating history with the gladiator combats and the animal fights, so it should definitely on your list of places to visit. But, there are many more places in Rome that deserve the same recognition as breathtaking places. You should absolutely remember about the beauty of the Sistine Chapel and the Museum of Vatican where the frescoes of Michelangelo are going to take you back in time. Moreover, you definitely have to throw a coin over your shoulder into the famous Trevi Fountain, which is the symbol of passion and romance and make a wish for a return visit to Rome.

Have fun and enjoy the nightlife

When in Rome, you have to do like the Romans”. Literally! Even if the streets of Rome have a beautiful mystery from the amazing design of the buildings, it is a crowded city with lots of tourists wherever you go. So, the best way to have fun while visiting all the sites of the city is to ride a Vespa that will totally make you look and feel like a local. The art district of Rome, called San Lorenzo, has many underground bars with live music, clubs and many artisan shops from where you can buy amazing and cheap souvenirs for all your friends back home.

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