Afternoon at Denham Country Park

Last weekend as the children were starting to feel a bit better and the weather was so Spring-like with bright blue skies we decided to go for a walk in one of our local country parks. This is the first time we have been to Denham Country Park (aka Colne Valley Park), we like to try different places each time until we have visited everywhere!

colne valley park

blue sky at denham country park


There is no play equipment at Denham Country Park, it’s more like a woodland area to explore, with streams and bridges, and trees to climb. Mr T and Mr R love the chance to walk unrestricted and just explore their surroundings. (Mr Z was at a birthday party thats why you might notice here is not here from any of the pictures)

woods at denham country park


Mr T is so cute. Now that he is starting to get so more language I love the little sentences he comes out with. He was walking off saying “we’re going on a bear hunt” and “have an adventure.” He insists on taking his backpack around with him, so he is like a little woodland explorer!

denham country park


The boys soon found some trees which were perfect for climbing.

climbing trees at denham country park denham country park denham country park tree climbing


Mr R managed to get quite high up! (With some help from dada!)

up a tree at denham country park denham country park tree


Then it was time for a walk across the bridge. One of Mr T’s other phrases at the moment is “let’s go fishing” – I don’t know where he has picked this one up from but I hear it about 100 times a day! So naturally he was quite pleased to be at a stream, and he could even use his long stick as a fishing rod. The other side of this stream does have a private fishing area, but I guess it’s for adults and for people who actually know how to fish – which we don’t!

denham country park "fishing" bridge fishing at denham country park

Just simple sticks can bring lots of enjoyment for the kids, they collected long sticks, short sticks, sticks to bang together and make noise

denham country park


Sticks taller than their height

denham country park colne valley country park denham country park colne valley country park


And sticks so big that you need two to carry it!

denham country park kids playing


There is a visitor centre where you can buy ice cream but by the time we got back to it, it was closed – so that will have to be something for another day!

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  1. How cute are these photos? I love rambling about with the kids when we can get up close with nature (we’re very much city Babes), and this sounds like a fantastic place to visit. #brillblogposts


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