Regular readers of the blog might remember that I have been thinking about rearranging the children’s bedrooms for a while now, as  wanted to give Mr Z his own room. Luckily, we had the chance to review a  Dulux “Bedroom in a Box” kit which is a brand new product. The set contains everything you need to transform a room all in one handy box.

dulux bedroom in a box kit

The Dulux Bedroom in a box kit contains:

  • 8ft X 10ft Walltastic Jungle Adventure Mural
  • Dulux Matt 2.5L Willow Tree
  • Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood 750ml Jasmine White
  • Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive

The paint is enough to paint a 32m2 room. You can use the Dulux paint calculator tool to find out if you need more paint. The room we were decorating is pretty small so this was not an issue for us.

I really like the shade of paint which is included. I do find it hard to choose paint colours; I will stand deliberating in the shops for ages between two similar shades, especially if I wanted to coordinate it perfectly with a mural or some wall decorations. Its easy to get the colours slightly out and then the whole thing looks wrong so it’s reassuring to know that everything in this kit has been selected to go together.

dulux willow tree paint

The Dulux Willow Tree paint is quite a subtle shade and works really well with the striking jungle design. I have never chosen green paint before; we’ve always tended to go for blue for the boys rooms or else just plain white or magnolia as a safe option!

The room we redecorated for Mr Z is the room which was Mr R’s baby nursery. It had a wall paper border which had been damaged by Mr R when he was younger and has never been properly decorated since we moved in, so was in desperate need of a proper make over. We had just never got round to doing a full job with the room, so the bedroom in a box kit really was an ideal solution for this.

Here is the room before, as we started to prepare for the painting:

redecorating with dulux bedroom in a box kit

The top half of the wall is a textured wallpaper which was left by the previous owners. We weren’t sure whether we would need to strip this in order to apply the Walltastic Jungle mural, so we asked one of our family friends who does a lot of our decorating for us and after looking at it he found that it was okay to apply the mural on top of this. This was a relief as it meant the job stayed as quick and easy as we had hoped. The whole room was completed in one afternoon – a massive improvement from when the boys’ dad did Mr Z & Mr T’s old room last year which took a whole week with multiple trips to the DIY shop for extra things that we forgot to buy!

Soon the room was finished, and it’s a complete transformation. The jungle scene gives the room a sense of fun, and has a real impact as you enter the room. The boys were all so impressed when they saw it finished, and were excited to see all the different animals that they could spot within the mural.

dulux bedroom in a box kit jungle wall mural

The room is quite long and thin, so we placed the mural on one of the longer walls and this is the wall that you can see as you approach the room. The mural comes in separate panels so if you had a different sized wall, you would simply leave aside some of the panels from the edge of the scene, if they would not fit in the available space. Our friend applied the wall mural for us and he found it very easy to do. The results look perfect.

dulux bedroom in a box kit jungle wall mural

The illustration style is really cute. Mr Z can be prone to get scared quite easily so if the jungle animals were too realistic or fearsome looking then he would give me problems at bedtime! Luckily these look very friendly and soft, so he really liked them. The boys all loved the baby animals the most as they are so cute. It’s great that there is so much detail and so many vibrant colours within the mural. It will spark their imaginations while they play in the room. I know would have loved this myself as a child!


I think the Jungle kit could actually be suitable for either boys or girls depending on how you accessorise the rest of the room, but if you have a girl who would prefer a pink room there is also a Fairy Princess bedroom in a box kit available.

boys jungle bedroom

Jungle Adventure Bedroom in a Box

girls fairy princess bedroom
Fairy Princess Bedroom in a Box

At the moment, these kits are exclusively available from the Dulux website, but may be available through other stockists soon. Each kit is priced at £70 which I think is a really reasonable price to make over a whole room. To see more information about the bedroom in a box kits, click through the link to either product above.

I would recommend the kits as such a convenient solution for decorating, which give brilliant results. Dulux have planned more varieties of the kits in future, including ‘Sea Adventure’, ‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Avengers’ and ‘Wall Art’ all coming soon. I would definitely consider using one these kits again for the other boys rooms when we are ready to redecorate their rooms again.

What do you think of the new Dulux Bedroom in a Box kits, and Mr Z’s new look jungle bedroom? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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