Project 52: 12

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This weeks Project 52 photos are all from out in the back garden, now that the weather is warming up the boys are spending a lot more time out there as they love it so much.

Mr Z


He was standing on the outside table to make himself taller than all of us, he loves to feel so high up and tall!

Mr T



Mr T’s photo was actually taken not by me, but by my friend – but I’ve chosen it because I like it 🙂 This is my friend “mumtographer” if any of you remember I have mentioned her a couple of times. She brought a different camera lens for me to try out, so I have experimented with taking pictures of some of the flowers in the garden using different aperture settings. I’ll upload them in a couple of days and post on the blog.



Mr R

He loves this hat! He is so happy to be back out on his toddle bike again, he’s definitely got so much use out of it!

Mr F



You might be thinking who is Mr F? He’s my best friend’s boy so he’s like my nephew. Cute isn’t he? 😀

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